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  • David Crosby (from the Guardian July 12,2008: "I'm one of those people who thinks we go round again. The Buddhists have got it right - it's a wheel and we get on and get off. I think life energy gets recycled. That's why I wrote Déjà Vu."
  • Crosby wrote in the liner notes of the 1991 box set Crosby, Stills & Nash: "The law of conservation of energy applies: life force just doesn't go away. The identity print gets wiped, mostly, but sometimes there's a ghost print and some stuff hangs around. How else can I explain knowing how to sing harmonies at age six or knowing how to sail a boat the first time I got in one? And having a persistent delusion, all my life, of having been somebody else before."
  • There was a specific case of "Deja Vu" that inspired this song. It happened when Crosby was riding a friend's sailboat. In the 2019 book Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, he said, "It's as if I had done it before. I knew way more about it than I should have. I knew how to sail a boat right away. Not an instinctive thing. It doesn't make sense. I wasn't thinking about that specifically when I wrote the song. It just came, but in hindsight, the song was informed by those experiences. I felt then and now that I have been here before. I don't believe in God but I think the Buddhists got it right - we do recycle."
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  • Mark B. Stoned from Desperate Hot Springs, CaI recall learning about the conservation of matter and energy in a science class years ago. We learned that matter is constantly recycled and never goes away, but that when energy is recycled, a little bit disappears each time until there is eventually none left. I think Crosby is onto something, though. In stating that everything in the universe is composed of matter and energy, science seems to overlook the possibility of a third component that is not so easily detectable: consciousness. We often speak of the mind, body, and soul; I believe these to merely be individual representations of the universal elements of consciousness, matter, and energy. If both matter and energy are recycled, I would assume that consciousness is also. If that is the case, then I think that would explain the things that Crosby refers to.
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