Album: Crossfade (2004)
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  • Crossfade lead singer Ed Sloan wrote this song not about a specific person, but about himself. In our 2011, interview, Sloan explained: "Back then, I had a girlfriend, I saw my family every day. I love my mother and my father and that sort of thing. And I started really sinking my life into writing that first album of which 'Cold' was one of the songs. And I noticed the distance starting to grow between my girlfriend and I and my family a little bit, as far as the time that I was able to spend.

    Music is really the only way that I emote to people. I'm a hermit kind of guy. I spend my time alone. So I tend to write songs about my life to people that I love - 'Cold' is just like that. I wrote that song after going through that period of time when I was neglecting a lot of my friends and my family and my loved ones because of my music. Which wound up paying off, but I lost some friends because of all the time that I devoted to that record. And so I think that was my song saying, 'Listen, I'm sorry for the way that I am. I don't mean to be this cold to you. This is what I have to do.' And just making my apologies via song. I never really thought about both of those songs and how similar they are, just from different times of my life."
  • When Sloan started writing this song, he was "just really f-ing mad." Said the singer, "I just sat down with a drum kit and recorded a bit, and I immediately started out with that heavy riff. And I started singing at the top of my lungs (singing), 'Looking back at me' - that one definitely started as heavy as I could get it, because I was trying to get out my emotions to them, like, 'Look, it's not my fault, I can't help the way I am.'"
  • About a year after this song found the charts, Crossfade's record label had them record an acoustic version of the song, which proved very popular.
  • Crossfade's first single, this reached #2 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart spending 46 weeks on the list. For a time it was the longest-running hit in the chart's history until 30 Seconds To Mars overtook them with the 52-week-charting "The Kill (Bury Me)."

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  • Left Body Kick from Nowhere UsaSong is awesome, great meaning. I was with my last girlfriend for seven or eight years. Beautiful lady. F--king gorgeous. I always looked at her and wanted to see her as “above” me, she was always my goddess. I would tell her that.

    Of equal importance, she has a good heart. She’s a very giving, affection and loving person. I miss that. We wanted different things I’m not gonna get into that here because it’s not the purpose of this post.

    I felt different around her, and I could let my walls down with her. No one ever talked to me the way she did.

    For example: “your grandmother’s prayers are very strong… you smile different around your her and your mom… your face changes when you see your grandmother and your mother… your face changes when you look at me… you’re very gentle with me.”

    There were things I didn’t want to do anymore once I was with her. I didn’t want to break the law anymore, I didn’t want to steal s--t, Felony theft; I didn’t want her to see that side of me. I didn’t want her to have to see that I wanted her to be safe from that. So I stop doing all that for seven or eight year's.

    These doctors told me I got this wrong I got that diagnosis but I don’t give a f--k, they’re just telling me stuff from a textbook. f--k them. I only bring this up because I found the Stuff out just recently, but I I think I had some of the traits and tendencies already there. And I think she already knew that, but it was news to me.

    Ed Sloan says: “that’s just not like me…”

    Makes me think of driving up to see her at golds gym one or two days during the week at 4:10 AM to Santa Barbara to work out and then drive back. I would never do that for anybody. But I did it for her. I don’t know why I just did.

    The song has more meaning because of the stuff I found out above recently. But it was always there. I think about her a lot with this song. She’s a good lady and I was lucky to be with her. She has certain gifts that I never could.
    When I die, I hope she’s one person at my deathbed. Thank you Tivi
  • El Pelon Gordo from VenturaI first heard the song back in Sacramento after I finish law school. Great song. Very underrated.

    I remember I did introduce this song to my ex-girlfriend and then she liked it. I was telling her, "the guy is telling people in this life : look I'm sorry for the way I am but this is how things are, they have to be this way."

    I'm the same way, I got issues from my past. And I tell them no kids, and no marriage. I'm sorry but that's the way it is, and I'm not changing.

    I used to be with this girl, beautiful Mexican woman. Very caring lady, very kind. But she had some issues, no need to get into those here. But she was always looking for something wrong, always telling me I was going to abandon her, always telling me I was going to leave her, told me on our 4-year anniversary : I know you're going to leave me, I know you going to find somebody else, but I want to work on things. What the f***!

    We hung on for another couple years but things were never the same. She broke my trust. I'm sure she doesn't even remember but I do.

    Congratulations lady, you succeeded, you pushed me away. Now I pretty much want nothing to do with her.

    And yes, towards the end I was cold. Because I lost respect for her. That's what happens when you stick in a relationship too long. Seems to be my MO.

    Really good song, Ed Sloan's first big hit.
  • John from MiI stumbled across this and wanted to mention the song "starless" and what it means to me. I have also isolated myself during stressful/emotional times which resulted in a negative outcome. If you listen to the words from someone who escapes the world through gambling it really does the opposite and makes you feel like you are not alone. I haven't necessarily had a terrible addiction but enough that needs to be addressed before there is no turning back. Hearing stories on the way it progresses in your life without you noticing is a scary thought.

    I just wanted to leave something about how your music helped me learn a few things about myself as well. I know gambling is one of the leading causes of suicide so keeping that in mind as a demise I don't want for myself; it's a great song. The last thing I want is knowing I'm starless because I have no hope to regain all that I lose when I decide to gamble. Not just money but time away from friends, family and myself too.
  • D from Memphis , TnI don't know how old these comments r. I agree with Amanda Dead skins is the song could have written that song myself. Hard to put it into words he really caught the feelings the this one.
  • Ever from Washington Dc, DcThis song reminds me of what a bi-polar person would say to a boyfriend or girlfriend because they can't help their moods sometimes.
  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkThe radio is a great thing, and there's nothing wrong at all with mainstream... trust me. I don't like much of anything that isn't / wasn't-at-one-time mainstream... and that doesn't mean I don't honestly like Crossfade, or Hinder, or, hell, even Nirvana or Metallica...
  • Stephanie from Nashville, TnThis is a great song. I really like it.
  • Michelle from Brook Park, MnThis song is one of the greatest rock songs ever. It gives you that feeling where you just want to shut everyone out and just chill in your room with loud hard rock.
  • Danielle W from Where The Heck Am I?, MoKristina chic needs 2 chill. I jus started listenin' 2 this band. Nice sound. No one's heard of this band where I live. Not on the radio either. I like music that the radio doesn't wear out and the people don't obsess over. Sumthin' different, u know?
  • Joe from V, Uti went and ate breakfast with these guys....they're pretty cool people
  • Amanda The Stampede from Cincinnati, OhThis was the first crossfade song I ever heard.. three years ago... :B. My favorite Crossfade song is Dead Skin :D
  • Serena from Waller, TxThis song is awesome.. the band is awesome.. people who are wigging out cause they play it on the radio too much or whatever get over it.. music is for everyone.. and if your not going to listen to them because they sound to commerical for you.. get over it.. oxoxo serena
  • Will from Des Moines, should try being one of the first Hinder fans. I heard them one night at 2 AM, before they EVER got radio time..nows it's all i hear about.... sucks.
  • Ryan from Plano, Txtoo commercial sounding for me
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI used to like this song before it became so popular. Now everyone's just liking it whether they're a Crossfade fan or not, and claiming they're such huge fans when all they know is that one song. Makes me sick how music like this can get lost in the mainstream and become less meaningful.
  • J from Norfolk, Vathis is their best song!!!
  • Sam from Le Sueur, MnThis song is good...and i kan relate to it
  • Ashley from Lafayette, InHey everybody. I really like this song but my favorite is Colors. To bad its not on here.
  • Cory from Boonville, Innot really a big fan of the acustic version. Not really a good voice.....
  • Letty from Terre Haute, InI love this song, it makes me think about all the stuff i did and that i regreat no, and about all the people that i have hurt.
  • Ashley from North Lima, OhLove this song. It made me think, about life, and the people in it.
  • Katie from Tallahassee, FlThis is a pretty good song, the best on their album actually. I like how it is quick to get into and doesn't have a long lead into.
  • Jill from Up The Hill, Francei like this song and it made me think about life and how maybe you should treat it more carefully. it is insperational somehow. . . the whole cd is great.
  • Jillian from Portland, TxThis song really does rock. I was singing it one day and my friend started freaking out. I asked her whats going on and she tells me, "You sound just like that dude!" I was like... gee.. thanks. But, Crossfade is a great group.
  • Kristina from Altamonte Springs, FlI LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!! COLD IS MY RINGTONE TO MY CELL PHONE!!!!!!!!! IT SO ROCKS!!! YOU GO CROSSFADE!!!!!!!!
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