Memories Of A Broken Heart

Album: The Fallout (2012)


  • Crown The Empire's debut album The Fallout has a post-apocalyptic theme, which began as a metaphor for a failed relationship. Vocalist Andy Leo explained that the idea came about after a band member broke up with a girlfriend, later realizing the full impact of his decision. The split was transformed into a global doomsday-inducing event. "Her friends kept saying, 'You ended her world,'" Leo recalled. "I was sitting around with Brandon (Hoover, guitarist), telling him about it, and we decided, what if it did actually end the world with that breakup?"

    "From there, we started building this idea of the end of the world, and built a setting for it around this theme of being alone and faced against people," he continued. "It all spawned out of a break-up, but it turned into this huge, massive world."
  • This song particularly conveys the album's central theme. "That song has the perfect syllogism for the end of the world and the breakup. It talks about both," said Leo. "I was outside and thought of the idea for the lyric 'I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved.' I was so stoked, because we'd already come up with the idea for the end of the world being a break-up. That line was about the ashes of a building, or the ashes of relationships."


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