The War Song

Album: Waking Up with the House On Fire (1984)
Charted: 2 17
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  • Boy George on BBC3's 100 Most Annoying Songs: "Most people are very ignorant politically and we're all told how glamorous war is. Most kids love to watch Star Wars, which is basically space age war thing and I think a lot of people see war as really glamorous and I think it's about time they saw something that showed it for what it is."
  • Russell Mulcahy directed the music video, which opens with a military-themed fashion show against a war-torn backdrop and includes images of children as soldiers and munitions factory workers. The clip concludes with hundreds of kids dressed as skeletons marching in the streets.

    George, who wrote the script, made several costume changes throughout. According to Boy George Fever, Mulcahy recalled: "I was never on for holding back the camp. Every time George would appear on set with a new look I shouted at him that’s the one."

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  • Celine from Shepparton , AustraliaI LOVE THE WAR SONG!!

    Especially the chrous Senso hantai love that bit
  • Eugene from Minneapolis, MnYou know when my sister and I were young, she used to make a parody songs and this was one of them. It was directed towards me. Instead of "War war is stupid and people are stupid" it was changed to my name. I look back and I smile each time that I hear this record, it's hilarious.
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