All Through The Night

Album: She's So Unusual (1983)
Charted: 64 5


  • This was written by Jules Shear, who also wrote the Bangles hit "If She Knew What She Wants." He penned the song in England whilst accompanying his wife Pal Shazar, who was playing some gigs with her group Slow Children. Jules recalled to us: "I went over there with a guitar and a little tape recorder and when they went to rehearse I sat there in this house that they rented and wrote that song. I wrote it really quick so I could go out and have fun in London. I was really good at making sure I had time to write songs. I wrote songs in the morning when they would go off and do their rehearsal and if I got done really quick I could mess around in London all day. I didn't even think about the song till I got home."
  • Lauper was known for her hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," which had a quirky video that did very well on MTV. Lauper's producers wanted to find out if she could have a hit without a video, so there is no video for this song.
  • Greek chanteuse Nana Mouskouri not only did a cover of this song but also recorded versions in French and German. >>
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    Jerro - New Alexandria, PA, for all above
  • Jules recorded the original version of the song for his first solo album, Watch Dog, which was produced by Todd Rundgren. Regarding Rundgren's production, Jules told us: "He had an idea that it should have the feel that it had on the record, which I really didn't think was necessarily the best feel, but I thought, well, it's fine. Whatever he wants to do is fine. So I just did it the way Todd wanted to do it."
  • Shear knew Cyndi Lauper's producer, Rick Chertoff, from his time in the cult favorite band Jules and the Polar Bears. Jules told us that he got to hear the song. "Chertoff thought it was a great song for her," he said "and he played it for her and she really liked it. Then she said, 'I'd like to write songs with that guy.'"
    So the pair got together at Jules' manager's apartment in New York, and wrote "I'll Kiss You" for She's So Unusual and "Steady" for Watch Dog.
  • Jules did all the background vocal parts. He told us that Cyndi had changed the song a great deal by the time they recorded it at the studio, turning what was a mid-tempo folk-rock tune into a pop ballad. "It's still the same song, but the arrangement's different," he recalled. "The first time I heard it was when I went to sing it. It sounded good to me. I figured, if that's the way she wants to do it, that's the way she wants to do it. I never had any problem if anybody wants to do any of my songs any way in particular. That's up to them. That's not for me to decide. So I would never say, 'Oh, that's the wrong way to do it,' or something like that. That would never happen. It just sounded fine to me. And when I put the background vocals on, it sounded even better."
  • The song was released as the fourth single from She's So Unusual and peaked at #5. It was the first hit that Shear had been involved with a top 10 song and he told us: "Having a hit didn't really change my writing thing at all. I was always pretty disciplined at it. It's a simple thing to write songs and not get involved in the other aspects of it. It doesn't necessarily make you any money, but as long as one of them pops through every once in a while, everything's fine. It's definitely good that Cyndi recorded 'All Through the Night.' It's great that it was a big hit and all that. But I didn't really have much to do with it, except writing the song. I made some money off it. I definitely made money off of it. I bought a house. I'm still making money to this day from it. A certain amount goes into my account every six months. It's not exactly the same, but it doesn't fluctuate that much."
  • When the song reached #5 in the Hot 100, Lauper became the first woman in the history of the chart to take four singles from the same album to the Top 5.

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyHappy Birthday Jules Shear, born on March 7th 1952...
    As stated above, he composed "All Through the Night"; and on March 31st, 1985 he entered the Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart himself with "Steady"*, and on May 5th, 1985 it peaked at #57 and stayed on the chart for seven weeks...
    * "Steady" is available on You Tube.
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxWe have no past we won't reach back.
    Keep with me forward all through the night.
    And once we start the meter clicks
    And it goes running all through the night.
    Until it ends there is no end.

    Was Shear on drugs when she wrote this?
  • Jack from Mesa, AzInteresting link Fermin. Sounded like it wasn't by accident she made the song better.
  • Fermin from Resistencia, ArgentinaBefore performing this song live in Howard Stern show, she told the audience that the chorus was somehow intended differently, but she accidentally changed the tune at the last minute bettering the chorus of the song one hundred per cent! She recorded the lead high harmony as the lead voice! You can hear her singing it how the song was supposed to go according to his composer! It´s a quite neat performance
  • Joe O'neill from Boston, MaTO me the song '' all through the night '' like in steven speilbergs movie goonies was a reminder of my youth and those night time adventures sneaking out.It also a reminder as a younger adult in the late 1980's going to my friend rick yact club and sneaking out his 21 ft family boat for a spin around boston harbor,the harbor islands and sneaking on to restricted island which had a safe house by witness protectionon one part,another section had a detox hospital and being chased or sneaking onto logan airport dock and going on the runway field as state police would spot us and we run back to the boat and dodge the coast guard.
  • Danielle from Palm Coast, Flit is amazing how much she matured in this video how strong her voice sounded. her husband starred in it he was cute for an older guy definitely up their with jonney depp. but of course Jonney Depps more attractive.
  • Don from B G, KyHey Poster Brian the video of Cyndi Lauper naked and crouching on the floor that I remember is her video/song "I Drove All Night". It (IDAN) is a great song and video. may still have it to download. It is one of my favs of Cyndi's. Oh, and Your welcome I am sure.
  • Tish from Atlanta, GaBrian, You are correct. There was a video constructed from a montage of videos previously recorded (Time After Time, True Colors).
  • Brian from Neosho, MoAre you sure there wasn't a video made for this? I'm going by 22 year old memory, but I thought the video to this song was the one where she was naked, crouched, sitting on the floor. I was 11, it had an impact. Am I wrong?
  • Alexander from Ciudad OjedaI think it was on where I read Cyndi Lauper's work was a cover but I grew up on her recording and that's the one I'll always go for. I really like the way it feels when you listen to Cyndi sing it as I like the drums and the synths... they make it sound very 80's.
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