Album: Bring Ya to the Brink (2008)
  • Lauper explained to The Sun newspaper July 25,2008: "Lyfe is for my son, not necessarily about him. It's more about how insane life can make you and really break you down. There is a lot of s--t going on in the US today that just outrages me, so it's a nod to my family to stay strong - and also everyone around me."
  • The Sun asked the 55-year-old '80s icon why she named the album Bring Ya to the Brink. Lauper replied: "Early on I was calling it Savoir Faire. By the time I finished the CD I realized each song told a different story, like little pictures of life. There is a lyric in the song Lyfe that says, 'Life it can break ya, it can make ya, it can bring ya to the brink.' Meaning life's experiences bring ya to the brink of all emotions and that's what is exhilarating."
  • Lauper clearly favors the Y over the I, which explains the alternate spelling in this song. Her son is named Declyn, which is a variation on Declan, Elvis Costello's real first name.
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