Save Me

Album: New Found Power (2004)


  • This song is about struggles to overcome depression and frustration. It was inspired by the emotions the Abbott brothers (Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul) felt about Pantera's breakup.
    "Usually you can do more damage to yourself than anything else that can f--k you up," Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell told MTV News in 2004. "I was cookin' along just fine, and then everything started to unfold. It was like, 'Holy sh--, what's going on here?' But that's just life, and it hit me one day that this has got to be a test to see if I've got the balls and strength to overcome all these things that were coming at me. I basically had to save myself from myself. So I did it, and now everything's going great again."

    Unfortunately, the Abbott brothers were dealt another crushing blow later that year when Darrell was murdered by a fan at one of their concerts in December.
  • This peaked at #16 on the Mainstream rock chart.


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