Shirts And Gloves

Album: The Swiss Army Romance (2000)
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  • Chris Carrabba wrote this about life on the road and how he missed the show Dawson's Creek. Chris used to watch the show with his girlfriend, and when he went on tour they didn't get to watch it together anymore. >>
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    Anthony - Valley Stream, NY
  • At some concerts, Carrabba would play some of the Dawson's Creek theme song (Paula Cole's "I Don't Wanna Wait") at the end of this.
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  • Madison from Austin, Txthat's so cool. I love Dawson's Creek, but always feel like a poseur when I say so. this makes me feel better.
  • Ariel from Woodbridge, CtAmy Fleischer was not Chris's Girlfriend, she was a good friend of his, they, used to get together and watch Dawsons Creek, but she had started a record company (which was the first label to release The Swiss Army Romance) and had to travel alot to keep it running, and he was touring, so their schedules would often line up perfectly that when one was at home, the other would be on the road
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, Pathis is such a sad song. It's about a couple that has completely different schedules, and they keep on missing eachother. The relationship is degrading and breaking up, and he knows it, but he keeps on hoping they'll be able to get together. Long distance relationships suck, by the way.
  • Meg from Worcester, MaThis is an amazing song. For a more vague look on things, it's basically just about long distance relationships.
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