Album: Break The Spell (2011)


  • This rasping stadium-ready anthem is the first single off American band Daughtry's third album. The song was posted on September 15, 2011, to their official website.
  • According to the Songfacts dictionary, a "renegade" is a turncoat, an apostate, a rebel, somebody who renounces their beliefs and turns to different ones. This song finds vocalist Chris Daughtry pledging his allegiance to rock over pop. "Can you hear the sound of the turning wheels?," the frontman asks as he gets ready to depart on his rock 'n' roll journey.
  • This is not the first time Chris Daughtry has sung a song with this title. Back in 1978 the Rock band Styx had a top 20 hit with a rocker titled "Renegade" and during his successful run on American Idol season 5, the Daughtry frontman performed the tune live. It was during the episode when contestants sung songs from the year they were born.


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