Album: It's Not Over…The Hits So Far (2016)
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  • This is one of two new songs included on Daughtry's first greatest hits collection, It's Not Over…The Hits So Far.
  • The song, written by Chris Daughtry with Dave Bassett (Elle King's "Ex's & Oh's," Rachel Platten's "Fight Song") addresses negativity in the world. "We started with this piano progression and I just started spitting out melodies and lyrics and it became very clear what this song should be about," Daughtry told Billboard magazine. "There is all this hate and the violence and the riots and overall negativity, not just in our country but in our world. People go on the Internet just bashing people with no repercussions. All this vitriol - where did that come from? And how awesome would it be to take a little bit of that energy and just spread positivity and love and how that could catch fire and spread across the multitudes."
  • Chris Daughtry asserts on the chorus, "love is like a torch that is burning bright, carry it on." He explained: "With all of the blatant negativity in the world, I wanted to hopefully be a part of starting that fire and let it spread, and hopefully in some way contribute to making this world a better place."
  • Dave Bassett has always enjoyed collaborating with Chris Daughtry. He worked with him on his 2011 Break The Spell album and was disappointed he didn't get to collaborate with the singer on Baptized a couple of years later.

    Bassett recalled to Artist Direct: "I hadn't seen him in a couple years at least and I was able to set up a session with him a couple of months ago. I knew he was coming out with his Greatest Hits and they were looking for a couple of new songs and he stormed through the door like we hadn't skipped a beat, like it was just yesterday we were writing, and we just cranked that song out. I had some piano chords going, and that song pretty much wrote itself in like an hour."

    "It was awesome that someone you hadn't seen in a couple years, you skipped a whole album cycle with them, and they walk through the door and it's like you're old pals, you just pick up right where you left off," Bassett added. "That's just a great relationship."


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