Grace Is Gone

Album: Busted Stuff (2002)
  • In this song, "Grace" is used as in the phrase "grace of god," not a woman's name. Matthews wrote this around the time his stepfather died, and found it hard to write a song about a stepfather. It can be heard as a song of lost love, whether it be of a family member or a lover.
  • This was originally on "The Lillywhite Sessions," a collection of songs the band recorded with producer Steve Lillywhite, but decided not to release because members of the band and record label felt they were too depressing. The sessions were leaked on the Internet and widely bootlegged. The response from fans was great, which prompted the band to release the songs on an album over a year after they were first recorded. The result was Busted Stuff, which was basically a re-recording of the original sessions. >>
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  • Heather from Hilton Head IsDave's sister's name was Anne but the meaning of the name Anne happens to be "grace". Perhaps a skilled play on words by the masterfully deep Dave. Draw your conclusions...
  • Jerod from Waterloo, IaOne person out of 14 posts got it right (good job Bill)!!! It's not about loss of anyone named grace nor any other scenario you can come up with. I can see how that is a tempting thing to because DMB is so deep. He is talking about loosing the of got grace because of his sins. This is not the first time he references to his faith for example walking man is about Jesus and his 40 days in the wilderness. Simple don't look so deep.
  • Bill from Pitsburgh, PaDave's sister who past away is named Anne. you assholes. he doesnt have a sister named grace. He has twin daughters, one of which is named grace. this song is of no reference to her. Grace refers to the concept of God's grace.
  • Ryan from Littleton, CoBest song he's ever written, and he's been quoted saying the same thing.

    Neon shines through smokey eyes tonight
    It's 2 o' clock Im drunk again...
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaDoes this have anything to do with the movie?
  • Susan from New York, Nywell i got from it that its about loss, thats obvious.. his daughter's name is grace as well as his sisters,, and he also talks about being drunk at 2 am again. i heard that since dave had a drinking/drug problem, he would have lost everything, including his daughters, had he not gotten it under control. this was obviously a depressing time for him which is apparent in the song in general.
  • Nakia from Lancaster, PaI think when he says "she" that he is referring to grace itself as a female type emotion or feeling. Like when you say "mother nature". Nature isn't actually our mother, but we've given nature female characteristics. Or when you call a car "she". And I think he's basically saying that grace itself has deserted him in a way.
  • Bryan from Syracuse, NyRumor was Spoon was going to be longer and include versus from Grace is gone at the time of the recording sometime in the late 90's. I am unsure but both are amazing songs that should be played back to back either spoon> Grace or Grace > Spoon, Smooth flow.
  • Mark from Lancaster, Englandoh yeh, and he sings about "she" and other various lyrics because writing about your stepdad dying is quite hard (lyrically), and so he changes the basis of the song so it sounds right: hence peoples confusion about girlfriends and sisters
  • Karin from Batesville, ArGrace is Gone is could be about the loss of love, or possibly the loss of faith. The song could have many explanantions, but the loss of something is the main idea.
    Dave did have a sister, but her name was Anne not Grace.
    He also uses the word "grace" in many of his songs.
  • Chassedy from Sacramento, Cathe song Grace Is Gone is portrayed as Dave's loss of a girlfriend, whether it is death or deception. whoever thinks it is about the loss of his sister Grace, is illiterate.
  • Dan from Old Tappsn, NjThis song is about dave's long term girlfriend who died of cancer. hi nicole
  • Greer from Somerset, NjI heard this song was about Dave's sister, who's name was Grace and who died, but I'm not sure if that's true. One of Dave's twin daughters is named Grace (the other one is Stella.)
  • Izzie from Lala, Hiare you sure that this song is about death or just heartbreak? because he said "she broke my heart my grace is gone." that could just mean she left him or something. but does the line: "I woke with you beside me, Your cold hand lay in mine," mean that he woke up and she was dead? either way, its a great song and it amkes me sad just listening to it.
  • Andy from Hershey, PaThis is a very depressing song. It speaks to anyone who has ever lost a loved one.
  • Ben from Harpers Ferry, WvThe lyrics of the song are about a man whose love has died. The deeper meaning behind that can be whatever you want to read into it, although Dave Matthews has made some comments on this song.
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