Proudest Monkey


  • The lyrics are a timeline of Matthew's rise to fame, which is the subject of many of the songs of Crash. The song begins as a "humble" tune and gradually develops into a strutting, "proud" song. >>
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    Eric - Bloomingdale, IL
  • Dave sugggested at a 2006 concert in Saratoga, NY, that this song is about the human population destroying the world, and one monkey surviving and starting everything over again. >>
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    Ted - Boston, MA
  • According to the biography Dave Matthews Band: Step Into The Light by Morgan Delancey, this was originally called "Route Two/Evolution," inspired by the band's arduous journey through a snowstorm to play a gig at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and represents their evolution from small-time Virginia rockers to superstars. After getting lost in the mountains along the way, they finally made it to the concert two hours late and improvised a rough version of the tune in lieu of a sound check.
  • This was used in the 2005 comedy-drama Standing Still, starring Amy Adams and John Abrahams.

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  • Pat from Columbus, InHere is the deal, Carter wrote this song and it is good.

  • Bryan from Syracuse, NyThis is one of the best Dave Matthews Songs. He is an amazing song writer, this song is about growing up and moving on to bigger and better things. The idea of Maturity and "going to the city" is amazing. Love it!
  • Matt from Chicago, Il"I am a humble monkey" --->
    "I went to the city ... Now I am the proudest monkey"
  • Pat from East Hanover, NjThis song is written about himself, and his slow but steady rise to fame. Now he is the proudest monkey, you'l ever see. Excellent song. A great song to just unwind and relax to.
  • Joshua from Cincinnati, Ohthis song is about growing inti your own self and transformation
  • Locke from Blacksburg, VaThis song rocks!!!! It is def. one of my favorite DMB songs
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