We're All Alone
by Dave

Album: We're All Alone in This Together (2021)
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  • Dave starts off this song by reflecting on his blessings. A child of Nigerian immigrants, he now has a luxurious lifestyle collecting art, talking expensive vacations, and driving a Lamborghini with a Rolex on his wrist. Yet despite his vast wealth, the rapper is dejected and lonely.

    What's the point of bein' rich when your family ain't?
    It's like flyin' first class on a crashin' plane

    Dave feels uncomfortable at the thought that he is the only rich member of his family. The others, especially those back in Nigeria, are suffering because of their poverty.
  • During the second verse, Dave references being messaged by a young suicidal fan. The rapper tells the kid to "go see a shrink," admitting he replied to soothe his own conscience. He then talks about his poverty-stricken immigrant background and how he makes the same mistakes and sheds the same tears as everybody else. Therefore, he has more in common with his fans than the suicidal kid realizes. And because he can relate to many of the tough times his fans are enduring, he can tell them, "We're all alone in this together."

    Dave concludes the verse by recounting how the fan messaged back a day later, thanking the rap star for his response and that he's feeling better. Though Dave felt his replies to the kid were lackluster, he realizes God has used him to save the youngster from killing himself. This is special for him as:

    In 23 years, I done so much wrong
    But in that moment, I just felt like I had made it right
  • This is the opening song and title track of We're All Alone In This Together. Hans Zimmer was the source of the album title; the composer said the titular phrase to the rapper during an exchange on FaceTime.
  • The album's artwork is a reinterpretation of Claude Monet's Soleil Levant (Impression, Sunrise). The French artist's 1874 painting inspired the name of the Impressionist movement.
  • Dave co-wrote and co-produced the song with his regular collaborator Kyle Evans. Nana Rouges (Tinie Tempah's "Girls Like," Drake's "Passionfruit," Dave's "Streatham") served as an additional producer.


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