Running from the Moon

Album: Shadow to Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein (2013)
  • Shadow to Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein is a progressive rock opera based off of the Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus. Madonia adds a twist to the narrative by setting it 200 years later and revealing it from the perspective of the monster. He is telling his story as a warning to a genetic researcher about to make the first human clone. Madonia decided to straighten out the tale chronologically because of the Chinese Box literary tool that is used, which tells a story within a story.
  • "Running from the Moon" is the eighth track from the two-disc album and is a crucial moment in the piece of work. The fiend that the eccentric scientist, Victor Frankenstein, created finally comes to life. Frankenstein is appalled by the grotesque exterior of the monster and abandons him. Madonia wanted to capture in this song how Frankenstein works himself to the point of exhaustion. When the monster ends up being a hideous failure, Frankenstein becomes a wreck and just tries to get away from it.

    Madonia explained in our interview his goal for the tune: "The point of it is that once you create something like that it can't be undone. Just like someday when they make the first human clone."
  • Madonia wanted to write something that sounded strange. He already had the intro so he used it verbatim and added on the second part of the song. "I felt like the madness of the intro sounds like somebody going crazy or at least it makes the listener uncomfortable, which is the feeling I was trying to convey," revealed Madonia.


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