Deep Purple

1968-1976; 1984-
Rod EvansVocals1968-1969
Nick SimperBass1968-1969
Ritchie BlackmoreGuitar1968-1975; 1984-1993
Jon LordKeyboards1968-1976; 1984-2002
Ian PaiceDrums1968-1976; 1984-
Ian GillanVocals1969-1973; 1984-1989; 1993-
Roger GloverBass1969-1973; 1984-
Glenn HughesBass1973-1976
David CoverdaleVocals1973-1976
Tommy BolinGuitar1975-1976
Joe Lynn TurnerVocals1989-1993
Joe SatrianiGuitar1993-1994
Steve MorseGuitar1994-
Don Airey Keyboards2002-

Deep Purple Artistfacts

  • Gillan sang in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar before joining the band. His powerful vocals set the standard for the role.
  • During his time apart from Deep Purple, Gillan formed the predictably titled Ian Gillan Band, which released six albums between 1978 and 1982. He was also in Black Sabbath for a short time (not with Ozzy).
  • Glover has done session and production work for Judas Priest, Nazareth, Spencer Davis, Gillan, and Rainbow. Rainbow is the group Blackmore formed when he left Deep Purple.
  • After leaving Deep Purple, Coverdale went on to stardom in the '80s hair band Whitesnake.
  • Blackmore rejected comparisons to groups like Black Sabbath. "We don't just shower the songs with heavy chords and leave it at that," he said.
  • Their highest-charting album in America was Machine Head in 1972, thanks to "Smoke on the Water." It only reached #7, but had staying power, selling over two million copies and putting the band in the same sales league with The Who and Led Zeppelin.
  • Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani has played guitar for the band on tour.
  • Turner started his music career in a Deep Purple cover band. After Gillan's second departure, he got a chance at the real thing. He had also been a singer for Rainbow.
  • Gillan was in many bands before joining Deep Purple. They include: Wainright's Gentlemen, The Moonshiners, and the Hickies.
  • Lord was in a band with Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood called The Santa Barbara Machine Head. Lord also was a member of the Artwoods. The lead singer of that group was Ron Wood's brother, Art Wood.
  • One of Blackmore's previous bands was called the Roman Empire, which performed wearing gladiator outfits.
  • Deep Purple was originally signed to the Tetragrammaton label, a US-based company owned by comedian Bill Cosby.
  • They adopted the Deep Purple name following a brief Scandinavian tour, immediately after which the quintet began recording their debut album, whose sound was heavily influenced by the US band Vanilla Fudge.
  • Bolin replaced Ritchie Blackmore, who left the band in 1975. Tommy died a year later on December 4, 1976 of a drug overdose at age 25.
  • They held the Guinness Book of World Records title of the Worlds Loudest Band (117 dB) in the 1975-76 edition. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rick - Woodland, CA
  • Deep Purple has undergone various lineup changes labeled in "Marks." Mark II was the most successful featuring Ian Gillan as singer, Richie Blackmore as guitarist, Roger Glover on bass, Ian Paice on drums, and Jon Lord on keyboards. Ian Paice is the only original member who was with every variation of the group.
  • The back cover for the Made In Japan album was a photo from a September 30, 1972 gig at the Brixton Sundown (now the Brixton O2 Academy). If you look closely, you may spot the future Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen in the crowd.
  • Original singer Evans used the Deep Purple name to play West Coast bars in the early 1980s.
  • The first album recorded after Gillan and Glover joined was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; it was a live album called Concerto for Group and Orchestra, with music composed by Jon Lord. Blackmore wasn't a fan. "I don't like rock musicians playing with classical orchestras," he told Cameron Crowe. "I thought it was stupid when we were doing it."
  • Deep Purple finally made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 - 23 years after they were first eligible. Only the first three lineups were inducted, leaving out Bolin, Turner and Morse. Blackmore skipped the ceremony because he and the current lineup couldn't come to terms on the performance.

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  • Ron from Illinois Usa"Has there ever been a band with more line-up changes?"
    somewhat ironically, the original conception of the band formation was to have a 'revolving' lineup, constantly changing band members.
  • Don from Sevierville, TnFor those who are unaware, Jon Lord passed away on July 16, 2012, at age 71, from pancreatic cancer. He will be missed. In my opinion, he was one of the best, perhaps even THE best organ player in the history of rock music.
  • Don from Sevierville, TnTo answer the question of how Deep Purple got their name, there was a very old song titled "Deep Purple", which was the favorite song of Ritchie Blackmore's grandmother. That song would later be covered by Donny and Marie Osmond in 1976.
  • Don from Sevierville, TnI believe I saw Ian Gillian on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Netword) singing Holy Holy Holy, or Hosanna... a very powerful song which I still can kind of remember. I remember Ian being introduced because it was said that he sang as Jesus with JC Superstar and he also was with Deep Purple. I have checked several websites about Ian and Deep Purple, but nothing was said of him becoming a Christian. Anybody know anything about it?- John, Independence, KS

    That sounds more like Jeff Fenholt, who was in the Broadway version of Jesus Christ Superstar and had later worked with Deep Purple's manager. Fenholt also did some session work with Tony Iommi for what ended up being the Black Sabbath 1985 album, Seventh Star (the first where Iommi was the only original member), but Glenn Hughes (also formerly with Deep Purple and with Trapeze) took Fenholt's place and Hughes' vocals were finally used on Seventh Star.
  • Bob from Nipomo, CaSteve Morse blows blackmore out of the water. probably the best thing that ever happened to the band
  • Vince from Long Island, NyI think highway star is a great,classic Deep Purple song.Even better then Smoke on the Water.
    (Both are on the album Machine Head)
  • Ben from Nyc, MsCheck out Rapture Of The Deep, thier 2005 album. It's a masterpeice.
  • John from Independence, KsI believe I saw Ian Gillian on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Netword) singing Holy Holy Holy, or Hosanna... a very powerful song which I still can kind of remember. I remember Ian being introduced because it was said that he sang as Jesus with JC Superstar and he also was with Deep Purple. I have checked several websites about Ian and Deep Purple, but nothing was said of him becoming a Christian. Anybody know anything about it?
  • Mike from Hamilton, CanadaDeep Purple's cover of Neil Diamond's Kentucjy Woman is incredible, you can find it on the 1968 release Shades of Deep Purple.
  • Alen from Senj, CroatiaGlenn Hughes - bass and vocals!!! And what pipes they were/are!!!
  • Rae from Sydney, AustraliaI want to see the version of JC superstar with Ian Gillan. He played Jesus...who said rock and roll was from the devil?

    Blackmore is now in another band, Blackmore's Nights, i think he juggles between rainbow reunions and this.

    Lord is pretty much doing solo and orchestral work, hes got an albulm out i think.

    Deep Purple was a popular song of the 50s? Blackmore's granny liked it, and in an interview they accordingly 'randomly' named their band Deep Purple as a joke and kept it

    I also wish my dad didn't throw out all his DP albulms and Lps when he moved to aus :(
  • Bear from Farmington, IlI've seen some fantastic shows by most of the great rock bands of the 70's - present, but the Scorpions/Deep Purple show at the 85 Texas Jam was probably the best. The Scorps rolled over us like a panzer division, but Deep Purple... well... They were doing the Perfect Strangers show along with a slew of older tunes, (including the incredibly powerful "Child in Time") and the next day I went to the Gas Pipe and bought every Purple tape they had! DP is the poop!
  • Ray from Portland, RiTommy Bolin's solo albums are amazing.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandDeep Purple are touring the UK this autumn with Peter Frampton. I would've bought tickets but there seems to be little point without Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord; they were the heart and soul of the band in its heyday.
  • Paul from Saint John, CanadaDeep Purple actually based their name from the
    American rock band Vanilla Fudge.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaI saw Deep Purple back in 1973 supposedly their most creative years, and with the original line up.Excellent band live,tremendous power and energy.I just wanted to comment on Ritchie Blackmore,an incredible player. Everything I have read an heard about him is not good. He is an egotistical,tempremental British Fart,maybe that's why there have been so many changes within the band.That night his guitar playing was so powerful and loud,it must have blown the contraceptive sponge right out of grandma.
  • Can from Ankara, TurkeyIan Paice is the only one remaining from the original line up.
  • Can from Ankara, TurkeyJon Lord left Deep Purple in 2002 leaving his place to Don Airey.
  • Jeff from Seaville, NjBlue Oyster Cult.
  • Jeff from Seaville, NjSpinal Tap.
  • Jeff from Seaville, Nj"Has there ever been a band with more line-up changes?"

    Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden. Heh heh heh.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandHas there ever been a band with more line-up changes?
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaThe song by Nino Tempo and April Stevens.
  • Martin from Lodz, PolandWhere does the name of the band come from?
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