Album: Around The Fur (1997)
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  • Lead singer Chino Moreno: "I didn't really like Mx that much, and I had completely different vocals than I had written in the practice place when we were writing it. When I was recording the vocals in the control room, and I started to say to myself, 'This is boring. Throw this song away or stop rolling the tape.' And I just wrote a whole new song over the actual music. New melodies, new whole idea. It was just something that I was feeling at the moment. And then Abe's wife (Annalynn) was there in the studio and I was thinking there are these parts that I'd really like a girl's voice on, so I asked her if she'd do it. She was like, 'I don't wanna do this' and I talked her into it. After it was all done I had a completely different song. Right then it became one of my favorite songs, 'cause it was something I completely changed around myself. It could have been just a normal, kind of boring song, but it ended up being one of my favorite songs in about an hour, with me just realizing that I can completely do whatever I want that completely changes it. So that was cool. I would just hit the old bottle of wine... I had a music stand with some of my lyrics on it, some candles burning, and instead of using a hand-held microphone like I usually use, I was using a really nice microphone. I just stood there and let loose. It was something I'd never done. I think that's how singers usually record, but on the first record I recorded everything live with the band in the room, with a little Shure 58 microphone. I'd never done it that way and it was a lot different. It was fun. It felt a little bit more personal for some reason, 'cause I was in there by myself, with my headphones on, and most of the record was recorded in the dark, and a majority of the record was recorded when I was drunk. So it felt pretty good. I thought it was pretty cool."
  • Drummer Abe Cunningham's wife Annalynn is the female voice.
  • This was first called "Max" because the riff was similar to something that Soulfly singer Max Cavalera would make. >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for all above
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  • Thecyndicate from Las Vegas, NvInteresting link between the fact the Minerva or "Virgo" is represented by "MX".

    Its also interesting to note that the FreeMasons might worship Virgo/Minerva, and the fact that on Aug 10th - 15th 3 of the most important building in Washington DC line up with the constilation Virgo/Minerva.
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