Album: B-Sides And Rarities (2005)
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  • From the linear notes, lead singer Chino Moreno: "This song, originally derived from a Crook sample, had almost no real instrumentation. So when I heard the kids from Idiot Pilot covering this live, I got the idea to re-record it with them. The song itself is super simple, but I think that's what I love about it. The lyrics were all written when I was 15 and living in Arizona with my grandparents. It's pretty much about my first and only real date I ever had. It's kind of corny, but it was the first time I got my heart broken." >>
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    Tim - PGH, PA
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  • Jimmy from Sydney, Australiathis song may lack in instrumentation, and the traditional sound of the deftones, but it still is able to send out such an emotional presentation of love falling apart into 'cavity.' thats a beautiful metaphor for the way in which love can deteriorate after certain experiences in your teenage years.
  • Tim from Pgh, PaThe original version of this song is on "The White Pony." The two main differences between this song and the album version are that the verses are sung by the lead singer of Idiot Pilot and the chorus is sung by Chino. The only one is that a guitar is used as the instrument in this song, as compared to a turntable on the White Pony.
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