Made in the USA

Album: Demi (2013)
Charted: 80


  • Co-writer Jason Evigan considers this song to be Demi's answer to Miley Cyrus' hit tune "Party in the U.S.A.." He told MTV News, "It's like our love was made in the USA. It sounds kind of cheesy but it could be the biggest song of the year because it's that 'Party in the USA' kind of vibe like love song."
  • The song was released as the second single from Demi on July 2, 2013. "It's no coincidence that it's being released before Fourth of July," Lovato told Good Morning America. "I'm proud. I know it sounds really cheesy, but I'm proud to be an American. And I'm really proud of my country and how far we've come."

    She added: "It's a great love song. It's basically about falling in love in the best country ever."
  • Jason Evigan originally wrote the song for the R&B singer Blair Perkins, but when Demi's A&R rep, Mio Vukovic, heard the tune he knew it would be right for the former Disney actress. So they tweaked the production, throwing some guitar onto the mix. "It was [always up-tempo], but it was 808s and trap drums and sounded almost like a young Chris Brown record," Evigan told MTV News. "It's funny because if you listen to it, if you put a swag on it, it actually has a pretty R&B feel to it. Now] it's got like a country vibe mixed with this R&B feel, which makes it kind of pop country rock thing."

    The demo was played to Lovato and she loved it. The pair then started crafting patriotic lyrics together. "These American romantic love stories [inspired it] and I feel like they're unbreakable through the years, through time, since the 30s and 40s and 50s, they still hold up," said Evigan. "Real love, if it's made in the USA, it's never gonna break," Evigan explained.

    "She recorded it and had some really good changes on it," he added. "She had some good ideas, just some lyrical ideas. If it wasn't for Mio having phenomenal ears, he really heard through the R&B production that this can be a big pop song and he was right. It's crazy how it all turned out that way."

    The updates were inspired by Lovato's real-life experiences, making it a personal track for the singer. "This song is 100 per cent real to Demi now," said Evigan. "During the session, I can't say what, there was definitely some talk going on. She was talking about how this relates to her life in certain ways, all about her love being made in the USA. She owned it. She freestyled it out and made it awesome."
  • Lovato co-directed the music video with Ryan Pallota. Friday Night Lights actress Aimee Teegarden and 90210 actor Dustin Milligan star as a couple who meet at a carnival, fall in love and are forced to deal with Milligan's military deployment overseas. Speaking about how she got involved in the directing process, Lovato stated: "I saw the shots that I wanted to do and everything. I told my manager and I kind of walked him through it, step-by-step. And he said, 'why don't you just direct it since you know what you want?' and I've always wanted to direct so I was like, 'OK, let's do it!' And that's kind of how it happened."

    Lovato told MTV that scenes when Milligan's character is sent off to war was one of her favorites to shoot. "When he was fighting in Afghanistan, the shots are really close up on his face, and he is hiding behind something, and he is fully loaded, and he's in the middle of a war, and it was really great," she said. "Dustin is such a good actor, and he was crying, and there were bombs going off and everything. That was just the coolest scene because that scene looks like it's from a movie, so I was really excited."


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