I Will Fail You

Album: Extremist (2014)
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  • The somber vibe of Extremist tracks like this one and "Hell Don't Need Me" call upon Demon Hunter's specific brand of ballad. However vocalist Ryan Clark considers that they also introduce, for the first time, a certain element of slow doom that the band haven't really explored in the past. He told Decibel magazine: "In short, they're slow and brooding, but with heavy, usually muted guitar riffs that cut through, and slower, darker chord progressions."

    "The cadence is a little looser than what I usually end up writing," Clark added. "It feels different to me, and I like that. The chorus melody is in a lower register than the rest of the vocals, which is also unordinary for us, but nevertheless, I think it feels like the 'biggest' part of the song, which is ultimately the most important thing for me."
  • Guitarist Patrick Judge laid down the guitar solos for almost every Extremist track after they were otherwise completely finished. By this time Clark had already left Nashville, where Demon Hunter recorded the album, and was back at home in Seattle. The vocalist told Decibel: "Over the course of about a week, the guys would send me the songs with the finished solos, and each one just blew my mind."

    "I think this is one of the last songs they sent me, and I listened to it probably ten times in a row," he added. "It's absolutely my favorite solo on the record, and quite possibly my favorite of any solo Patrick's done. I still get pumped when I hear it. I just think it's incredibly tasteful and unique."
  • Clark explained the song's meaning: "'I Will Fail You' is about the scrutiny that a band like ours of tends falls under," he said. "No matter how many times we blatantly express our beliefs, there will always be someone ready to destroy their collection of Demon Hunter albums if they suspect we're not as 'holy' as they've managed to project. The obvious problem with this is that no one is truly holy, and we're all in need of perpetual forgiveness — a defining theme of what this band has been about from the beginning."
  • Demon Hunter recorded a reworked version for their 2021 album Songs Of Death And Resurrection. The record finds the band using lush string arrangements, haunting piano, and layered vocal harmonies. Ryan Clark said of "I Will Fail You (Resurrected)":

    "The original album version of 'I Will Fail You' is one of our doomiest ballads. At the time, I found myself immersed in the bleak heaviness of bands like Omnium Gatherum, Swallow The Sun and Katatonia. I'm naturally drawn to that place where heavy and sad collide.

    Reimagined for Songs Of Death And Resurrection, the song takes on a haunting vibe, replacing heavy chugs with hypnotic repetition of the lead guitar. There's a trance-like cadence to it, which feels just as appropriate as the original crunch."

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  • Gary G from Hebron, MaineOne of my favorites.. Now TWO of my favorites with the (Resurrected) version.
  • Anonymous from Chakung West SikkimAm so happy and blessed to be a fan of Demon Hunter you all bring more holy songs for all who love you and for those who got inspired by you all in so many aspects of their life. I will fail you was the first song I heard and it was a years ago and I didn't knew these part of the songs which I learned today and am feeling blessed but sad at the same moment. When I heard this song I was totally broken and it helped me to stay strong in Christ and also to make my faith strong,and now It is stronger. Am still afraid what I was and how I was in those time and i cant believe it was me. Thank you for being with us.
  • AnonymousMan I get it, in fact now I get it more than ever before. At first I thought it was a confession to God. The part where he says "I will remind you of the pain forever more" meaning Jesus will be reminded of dying on the cross because of our sin that He died for
  • Bill Wilson from Fresno CaThis is one of my favorite I 100% agree so many time you are expected to be 100% all the time when that is impossible we are all just humans and are going to fall at some point all we can do is try are best with Gods help and grace to get up and keep going you guys are my favorite band keep on making music love it
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