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  • Israeli singer-songwriter Nir Tibor started playing the trumpet at the age of eight and the guitar five years later. He adopted the stage name Dennis Lloyd in the mid-2010s as he "wanted something catchy that would be easy processing."
  • First released on December 5, 2016, "Nevermind" became a Top 5 hit on multiple European charts. The singer was living in Bangkok at the time, and the song was inspired by his worries that his then girlfriend, who was traveling in Indonesia, would meet someone else. "I just [had] all these thoughts," he told Billboard. "I just wrote them and I created 'Nevermind.'"
  • The song shares a title with Nirvana's classic 1991 rock album. This is no coincidence as Nevermind is Lloyd's favorite LP of all time and Kurt Cobain is his biggest musical inspiration.
  • The song is actually an imaginary conversation between Dennis Lloyd and his girlfriend while she was away traveling. "There are the verses, where I said, 'I'm ready now,' - I was ready to have a serious relationship," he explained to ABC Radio. "And the chorus is her singing, '[What if I left and it made no sense].'"

    Lloyd added laughing, "Eventually, I was the one who left, and it made no sense. I don't think she likes the song anymore... and now it's everywhere!"
  • So what does Dennis Lloyd's-then girlfriend think of the song? He told Genius: "When I shared 'Nevermind' with my ex, she liked it, actually. I think she liked it. She could never imagine what will happen with this song, and me too. But I think she liked it. I hope."
  • Dennis Lloyd moved from his home city of Tel Aviv, Israel to Bangkok in 2015, after he'd left the navy. The Israeli singer told Billboard that he wanted to be on his own so he could work on his sound and find himself.

    "I had no WiFi, no friends. AlI I had was a microphone, computer and my trumpet. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with a Colombian girl that I met in Laos," he recounted of the subject of this song: "From there we spent a month in the Philippines, lived together in Bangkok and eventually moved home to Tel Aviv."


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