by Destiny's Child (featuring Lil Wayne & T.I.)

Album: Destiny Fulfilled (2004)
Charted: 4 3


  • Destiny's Child is saying that if you are not from the hood and you have no money, then they're not going to talk to you. Apparently, they also want someone with plenty of "Manhood": "You got to carry big things if you know what I mean..." >>
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    Kenny - Sacramento, CA
  • T.I. and Lil Wayne both perform on this track. Both rappers were on the verge of breakout success and were topping the charts a few years later.
  • The Ray Kay directed music video has the concept of each Destiny's Child member giving tips on the type of men that turn their heads. Beyoncé sings that she likes "boys up top from the BK," which is a reference to Brooklyn where Jay-Z comes from. It was the first public mention of their relationship.

    According to Pop Up Video, Michelle Williams only had one regret about the video - she didn't think her hair looked cool!

    A very pregnant Solange Knowles appears in the clip, appropriately on the line "carry big things if you know what I mean." Shoot day was her due date, but she didn't give birth on set. Lloyd, Bow Wow, Ginuwine and Ice Cube also make cameo appearances.

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  • Arthur from Pembroke Pines, FlSolange was pregnant during the video from the song.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjI like the song and the music video. It is waaaaaaayyy better than Survivor!
  • Nikki from Chicago, IlThey wrote this song, not only to reach one part of their audience, but Beyonce's description in her verse was all about Jay-Z.
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