Girl U Want
by Devo

Album: Freedom Of Choice (1980)
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  • Devo was formed by Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale when they attended Kent State University in the early '70s. This was the first single released off their third album. Says Casale, "Devo didn't sit around and try to write hits, but when people liked it and wanted to key on that, we thought it made sense, we thought it was an easy song to like - it's very poppy, it's got a good hook. And it had subject matter that is more typical because here's Devo talking about girls." This didn't do very well, but their next single, "Whip It," became a surprise hit when it went into heavy rotation on MTV.
  • Casale: "It's about the essence of desire - what does the girl really represent for the guy? She represents this aching desire. She's the object that motivates the guy to do everything he does, so we're just describing the attributes of the power of the female. She sings from somewhere you can't see, like the famous myth of the sirens that used to lure the sailors to their deaths by singing to them in the night and they'd go try to find these girls that didn't really exist, and the boat would crash on the rocks and they'd die. It's the girl playing with the guy on the end of the string."
  • Robert Palmer and Soundgarden both recorded this in the '90s. Jerry Casale directed all Devo's videos and has worked on videos for many other artists, including the last Soundgarden video before they broke up - "Blow Up The Outside World." Regarding their cover, Casale says, "It's a head-scratcher. How could you listen to 'Girl U Want' and do that version of it?" (Check out our full Devo interview)
  • This is as good a place as any to share Devo bassist Jerry Casale's tale of how decadent the early-'80s music business got in the book MTV Ruled the World - The Early Years of Music Video: "We'd go into the office with a meeting with our A&R man, and at 5:00, he'd open his desk drawer, because people still sat at these old-style desks, as if they'd have typewriters, and he'd yank out a vial, and just casually while he's talking, tap out some lines, and kind of gesture like, 'Cocktail hour, anybody?' It was common. Everybody successful thought this was the drug of privilege. No losers did it. It wasn't addictive. It was just great. There was a restaurant called Roy's, where you could have a booth, draw the curtain, and the waiter would bring you lines. It was an arrangement where you were paying a big tip for a 'white dessert'."
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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn June 21st 1980, Devo performed "Snowball" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'; in addition their video for "Girl U Want" was aired on the same 'Bandstand' show...
    Both songs were from quintet's third studio album, 'Freedom of Choice', and the album peaked at #22 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart...
    Though the songs were released as singles, neither song made Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; but "Whip It", track three of side one on the album, did peak at #14 {for 3 weeks} on November 9th, 1980 and it stayed on the chart for almost a half-year {25 weeks}.
  • Billy from Leesburg, GaI love Devo and thought Soundgarden's cover was great. I read Jerry's comments on it years ago and thought they were funny. Trent Reznor had a similar response to Devo's cover of Head Like A Hole. He said he was really excited when he heard they were covering it. That lasted until about 5 seconds into their version.
  • Bob James from Victoria, BcIn my opinion the best new wave song, with the possible exception of Gary Numan's "Me, I Disconnect From You"...
    (Huge New Wave fan...)
  • Gary from Biloxi, MalaysiaThis song was used on the film Tank Girl starring Lori Petty.
  • Chelsea from Wichita, KsZombie Ghost Train,an AMAZING more underground band from Australia remade it too,their version is way cooler then this one,it's a lot faster,very punk rock/rockabilly.They released it on their 'Glad Rags and Body Bags' album.Check it out,it's the greatest!
  • Krista from Elyria, Ohi love this song! Devo is so cool!
  • Tickledrop from Near San Fran, CaComing from a girl....I love this song!

    Quick story: Went to a party...oh, let's see around '79 or '80. Got there and somebody had made a cardboard sign that read, "Devo Sucks." EXCUSE ME!!! I did a little alteration...and the party guests were now welcomed by a sign reading "Devo sucks the Girls They Want!"
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