She Got a Wiggle

Album: One Day I'm Going to Soar (2012)


  • Dexys Midnight Runners released their third album in 1985 and broke up not long after. They reunited from time to time, and finally released a fourth LP, One Day I'm Going to Soar, in 2012 (it wasn't issued in America until the following year).

    In this song, lead singer Kevin Rowland finds himself full of desire, but unable to tell the object of his affection how he feels. In his thoughts, he hears her tell him, "I'm mad about you," and he becomes determined to make her love him. "The song was written about somebody who I was in lust with," Rowland told us.
  • Rowland wrote this song at his apartment in London with Jim Paterson, the group's trombone player and the only band member besides Rowland who also played on their first two albums. "Me and Jim were going to clubs in London in '88, '89," Kevin told us regarding the musical inspiration for this song. "Acid house clubs, and they had this kind of ethereal vibe to them. It was in the early days of house music, and we wanted to capture that, but on this more of a slowed down groove."


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