Dec. 25, 1971
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  • Her full name is Dido Armstrong. She is named after an African Warrior queen. Her birth name is Florian Cloud De Bounevialle Armstrong. >>
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    Megan - Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Her brother Rollo helped produce her first album. She used to sing in his band, Faithless.
  • She performed on the last Lillith Fair tour.
  • She was signed to Arista Records by Clive Davis, who is known for discovering Whitney Houston, Santana, and many others.
  • She grew up without a TV.
  • Dido broke up with her fiancé, entertainment lawyer Bob Page, after a seven-year relationship in 2008. Some of the songs on her No Angel album are about him. She subsequently married British screenwriter Rohan Gavin in 2010.
  • Before she became a headliner in the US, she opened shows for The Barenaked Ladies and Sting.
  • Dido said that she can't make a proper cup of tea. At one of her concerts in 2003, someone came up on stage carrying a teapot, milk, sugar, and teacups on a tray. >>
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    Jamie - Alameda, CA
  • Dido's secret talent is that despite being right-handed, using her left hand she can write backwards perfectly, so one needs to hold it up to the mirror to read it.
  • When Dido gave birth to a boy in 2011 and named him Stanley, fans assumed it was in tribute to her hit tune with Eminem. However, speaking on ITV's Lorraine in February 2019, she insisted her son's name has nothing to do with the song. It was just that she'd loved it from a young age.

    "When I was a teenager, I was with my mate, I remember sitting on a wall, and they were like, 'What are you going to call your kid?' and I was like, 'Stanley,'" she said.

    Dido added: "Bizarrely, when I met my husband that was the name that was his favorite for different reasons."
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  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrHow in the world did she get the name Dido from Florian Cloud De Bounevialle?
  • Melissa from Happy Place, Ks9_9 Apparently Will from Mission, TX has his libido where his brain should be. Let me guess, you're, oh, 12?
  • Lexie from St. Louis, MoI love Dido, but I think she ran out of steam on "Life for Rent". Her debut album was far better.
  • Marlow from Perth, Australiadidos the biggest selling female artist in the u.k.
  • Scott Evans from Bradford, FinlandDido is uncredited on 'Stan'
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandShe didn't have a TV because her mother wouldn't allow it. However, Dido revealed on Graham Norton that her father had bought a portable TV, which was secretly kept upstairs away from her mother!
  • Haley from Cleveland, Ohshe was sooo blessed to be reconized by eminem to be in his song stan thank you i love you dido

  • Matthew from New York, NyClive Davis did not "discover" Santana. He did offer Santana a chance to resurect his career years later. But he did not discover Santana.
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