Come A Little Closer

Album: Modern Day Drifter (2005)
Charted: 31
  • Bentley wrote this song with his producer and friend Brett Beavers. Dierks said that he wanted to make a song about love, a song that you sing to your girlfriend for her to forgive you... and boy did he. He makes his intentions clear in the verses: "Come a little closer baby, I feel like layin' you down, Come a little closer baby, I feel like lettin' go, Come a little closer baby, I feel like strippin' it down." >>
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    Savannah - North Van, BC, Canada

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  • Brett Thompson from Sevierville TnWow, If this is the Amanda, of Burnsville Minnesnowda I know, holy crow. Of all the websites in all the world... we wound up posting on the same song.
    I would have to agree, definitely in my top 10. I hear this song as the very meaning of intimacy. Everything between 2 people reconnecting. Its getting closer, its sharing, its dropping the cares of the world to focus on each other, its the natural intimacy that follows, and flows during sex. Ironically, its one of the 3 songs I've learned on the guitar my wife gave me...10 years ago.. gotta make a little more time for that.
  • Amanda from Burnsville, MnMy absolute favorite song ever. when i hear this song, i think of it as coming closer emotionally, pyhysically, and mentally. forgiving each other(on a bed of sweet surrender where we can work it all out)(there is nothing that love cant fix),letting go of everything that is coming between the two,(Come a little closer baby, I feel like letting go, of everything that stands between us and the love we used to know) and getting back to the pure basic simple love, (back to the basics of you and me and what makes the world go around)
  • Eric from Milltown, InThis song always reminded me on Conway Twitty's "Love To Lay You Down." Both great songs.
  • Janet from Shoes, ArThis song is about sooo much more!! "Come a little closer baby, I feel like layin' you down." This to me means that they want to get closer in words by laying down and talking. "Come a little closer baby, I feel like lettin' go." I take this as getting closer and letting go of all the secrets that you keep to yourself. " Come a little close baby, I feel like strippin it down." I took this as meaning strippin down all the lies and coming forward with your true feelings. This song means to me just getting closer as a couple. <3 janet
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