Different for Girls
by Dierks Bentley (featuring Elle King)

Album: Black (2016)
Charted: 42


  • Dierks Bentley deliberates on this Shane McAnnally and JT Harding penned song the different ways men and women mend a broken heart:

    A guy gets drunk with his friends, and he might hook up
    Fast-forward through the pain, pushin' back when the tears come up
    But it's different for girls

    "There is a real honesty in these lyrics, and I haven't heard a song written this way before. The differences in how guys and girls deal with a broken heart is really interesting material to me," said Bentley. "Having two daughters certainly has changed the way I see the world and what they have ahead."
  • Dierks Bentley recruited Elle King as co-vocalist for this song, "What I love about Elle being on this record, besides her uniquely powerful but vulnerable voice, is that she's a total badass," said Bentley. "Having her perspective really helps tell the complete story."
  • This was Elle King's first song for country radio. The female rocker and the country star met up in a studio in Austin, Texas to record the tune and King explained Bentley instantly made her nerves go away. "I get really, really shy when I am asked to sing other people's songs, let alone a duet with one of the biggest country stars in the world. And so I obviously said yes," she said. "I went in and he came in with a couple of people on his team, and he was literally the sweetest person ever, and I felt the song was really, really good. And so I was so excited, very, very nervous, but he made me feel very at ease instantly."
  • King was attracted to this track because of its different take on a break up song. "I think I take a really interesting writing approach with my songs about break ups, and I write often from the male perspective. And this song is really thinking about how different men and women are through a break up, and so I was really excited to be a part of someone else's song that's kind of jumping outside the norm of a break up song or a relationship song," she said. "I think it's got a sweetness to it."

    The lyrics of this song are really smart, so I thought that it was kind of just a good fit, and I really do want to break out in the country world, because I love country music, not just because I play the banjo. I love country music, and I really love that he's bringing like a lot of attitude, and I think comedy, to modern country," King added. "So, I was really excited to sing this song with him."
  • A conversation with a girl gave JT Harding the seed of the idea for this song. He recalled to The Boot: "I couldn't believe that she was going through a breakup and she was so together; she was like, 'I can't just let the whole world fall apart.' I have another buddy, who I won't mention, who literally broke up with someone and went out at night picking fights and went nuts."

    "Shane and I write a lot, and I knew he was on my calendar," Harding continued. "He saves his best ideas for Miranda Lambert and Sam Hunt, so I knew I had to come in with a title. I barely had the seed and just the title, and I knew Shane would knock it out of the park. He came up with the best line in the song: 'When the going gets tough, guys can just act tough;' that was the glue that brought it all together."


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