Pretty Girls


  • Many of the tunes chosen for Riser reflect Bentley's resilience and determination following the death of his father. However, he also included several lighter songs on the set, to reflect his love of having a good time. Bentley said of this track: "I feel like that song is taking a new approach to get to the same destination. We're all having a good time, partying and having fun, but just the vibe of that is so different from anything I've ever recorded."

    "So there's that element of it, and then there's kind of a third layer to the album, which would be songs like 'I Hold On,' 'Riser,' 'Here on Earth,' that really kind of show where I am in my life as a dude, as a man, as a husband, father," Bentley continued. "Just kinda looking at the world around me, and making observations on that."


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