Somewhere on a Beach

Album: Black (2016)
Charted: 35


  • The lead single from Black is a carefree tune about a guy attempting to get over a breakup by heading off to somewhere warm, hooking up a new girl and "drink[ing] all day" and "party[ing] all night." "This album is about ALL phases of a relationship, including the breakups," said Bentley. "'Beach' is a pretty blunt take on that wild rebound we've all had or maybe imagined having."
  • The music clip was directed by frequent collaborator Wes Edwards and shot on the streets and beaches of in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. "It took three days to shoot this video … we got so much great stuff all over this tiny little Mexican village outside of Cancun. It kills me to think about all the funny moments that we couldn't fit into this edit," Bentley explained. "Our lead character Josh is an old friend that some fans may recognize. He had us doubled over laughing on the set the whole time … really funny dude and incredible actor. I hope everyone digs our take on this story, which may be a little unexpected."
  • The song was written by:

    Michael Tyler. A singer/songwriter from Thayer, Missouri, who has a recording deal with Reviver Records.

    Jaron Boyer. A songwriter whose credits include Dustin Lynch's " Hell of a Night."

    Fuego. A pop/hip-hop producer (real name Alex Palmer) who has worked on songs for Chris Brown ("Turn Up The Music") and Jason Derulo ("Whatcha Say").

    Dave Kuncio. A Los Angeles-based songwriter-producer who's had writing credits on tracks by Selena Gomez ("Slow Down") and Ty Dolla $ign ("Horses In The Stable").

    Josh Mirenda. A developing artist whom Jason Boyer is producing.
  • The new relationship that Bentley is boasting of to his ex might not actually be real. "Sometimes guys can lie," Boyer told Billboard magazine. "Like if a girl asks how we're doing, we'll be like, 'Oh, yeah, I'm doing great. I got a new girlfriend.' This was just conversation, like this guy could be lying to her. You never know."
  • The song is virtually a sequel to the Riser track "Drunk on a Plane." Both center on a broken-hearted guy escaping to a sunny resort. Also Puerto Morelos, the Mexican village where this song's music video was shot, was the destination in "Drunk on a Plane."
  • This features guitar work from Jedd Hughes who also supplied the lick on "Drunk On a Plane."

    "Jedd Hughes was sitting down with a bottle of Wild Turkey, just playing that solo over and over and over and over again," recalled Bentley. "We already had it, [but he was] just like, 'No, let me play it again,' because it felt so good."
  • This was Dierks Bentley's 11th country #1 and his first in nearly four years; his previous chart-topper was "5-1-5-0," which reached the summit in August 2012.
  • The first thing that Dierks Bentley noticed when he received the demo was the title, which wasn't something he necessarily would gravitate towards. However, once he listened to the song, he was drawn by its "intangible quality" and "the way that it all comes together." He explained to The Boot:

    "I feel like it was new territory for me as a singer. Just tackling that song, it was really challenging. The demo's a lot higher; the person was singing in a much higher key than I was. It has this - more of a city delivery to the cadence to the lyrics... It was more of a pop track.

    It took a while. At first, we kind of matched the tracks... We came back, and we started stripping everything out. We said, 'Let's just try to make the verses sound really vinyl-y... kind of classic sounding, and juxtapose this against the more urban delivery of the lyrics.'

    We happened on a sound. I sang it a lot of times to make it feel like my own. I really liked the demo; I thought the demo was great. It wasn't me, but I really liked the demo a lot … We wrangled it in to make it mine; it feels like mine now."
  • This took home the honor of ASCAP Song of the Year at the organization's 55th Annual Country Music Awards.


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