Charlie Brown's Parents

Album: Pet Your Friends (1995)
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  • Charlie Brown is the main character in the Peanuts comic strip, which was spun off into various TV specials. On these specials, the parents are not seen, and when they speak, it's in unintelligible tones that sound like "wah wah wah" (the kids on the shows can understand it; the viewers can't). So, if you sound like Charlie Brown's parents, you are making no sense when you speak, or the listener has simply tuned you out. That's what's going on in this song, with lead singer JR Richard's telling someone, "It would take the jaws of life to pry open your words." Their conversation is going nowhere.
  • I don't want to talk about Jesus
    And I don't want to go on converting

    In a Songfacts interview with JR Richards, he explained: "I had this dream one day of people coming to the door representing different religions, wanting to convert me. I was already getting a bit annoyed about people coming to the door and having this conversation. I prefer to make up my own mind - I don't need to have someone come to my house and try to change my mind about something. Even if I agree with them, it's a bit odd. So it was nothing negative towards Christianity in any way, it was just the idea that I had probably three different versions of Christianity coming and saying, 'We're the one. No, those guys are crazy. We're the one and this is why.' So, I was just saying I don't want to talk about this anymore."
  • A track from the first Dishwalla album, Pet Your Friends, this was released as the follow-up single to their big hit "Counting Blue Cars." It was a letdown on the charts, only managing to reach #24 on the Mainstream Rock tally.
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