Album: 10,000 Fists (2005)
Charted: 95
  • Stricken means a wound or being hurt by an action of someone or something. In this song, the lead singer is hurt by something a woman did to him. When he says, "I'm crippled by all that you've done, into the abyss will I run," it means that he can't forgive himself for what was happened, as if it was his fault for his misfortune. >>
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    Devan Douwes - Stanwood, WA

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  • Derek from Jacksonville, Florida This song I related to for years because of two different reasons. A woman that I care a lot about left me, and I am part Ashkenazi Jewish. I definitely don't dwell on it anymore, although I still like the song. I have a lot of respect for talented musicians, and David Draiman is a talented musician.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI didn't realise THIS song was like their breakthrough song! I've been listening to them since The Sickness came out and I heard Stupify and Voices on the radio. That's cool, I normally don't get into bands until after they make it big, and yes, Guitar Hero is gay.
  • Corey from Richmond, VaBest Disturbed song EVER!!!!
  • Spencer from Stratford, IaI used to only listen to this song for the music but when I listened to the lyrics it was like a whole new song to me.
  • Kevin from Duluth, Gaobviously about getting hurt
  • Zach from Paris, Ili can totally relate to this song since i just went through a big breakup n i really loved her even though im only 13. this song really helps me and makes me feel better. thanks disturbed.
  • Howard from Stevensville, MdThis song is hits home for me. I am 39 years old, divorced and a father of 3 children. My children all live with her 1300 miles away, I was betrayed by her and wished I never had met her. This song hits dead on for me.
  • Gabe from Atlanta, GaThis song is about Dave's girlfriend when they were 15 he broke up with her and she commited suicide -Gabe,Atl,GA
  • Joe from Carver, MaI believe this song has to do with someone who allowed someone important into his life and then she tore his trust and soiled it without any remorse whatsoever. im guessing that most disturbed fans didn't know of the band until 10,000 fists. i know i didn't. i will say though, this particular song has a high emotional value w/ me.
  • Billy from Newcastle, United KingdomIt seems obvious that she is a force of bad and evil, and that the abyss is better than her. She is the worst possible thing on earth. By the way, learn how spell and properly use grammar.
  • Christian from Red Lion, Pai agree with Jack this is one bad ass song i loved Disturbed since i got their first album by mistack for christmas but they are freaking awsome and GH3 people are gay
  • Jack from Claremont, MnThis is a bad ass song, but it was ruined a little by all the tools from Guitar Hero 3. Now there's a million fans who like Disturbed, and the only song they know is this one. It's still a good tune though.
  • Shaun from Nunya, NcI believe it is a song about a woman who enters his life and has hurt him so badly, yet he can't leave his feelings behind. She moves on, but he feels like she has changed him to the point he will not be able to love again, and thus lose what he feels is the will for him to live.
  • Chip from San Mateo, CaThe Lyrics "into the abyss will i run" is saying more that "I need to be away from everything that has been done" less beating himself up but more nursing his own wounds
  • Mude from Stoughton, MaThis song is great, so is Liberate, BUT the best Disturbed song ever is Remember if you are a fan you must here Remember
  • Robert from Liberal, Kshow lame can you people be do you even listen to the lyrics or are you oblivious to any culture!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Max from Portland, MeThis is thier second best song only second to liberate
  • Mike from Erie, PaThis is on of the best songs that I have ever heard in a while
  • Tristan from Omaha, Negreat guitar and drums but really disturbed has good guitar and drums in every song and this one is one of my favs everyone loves this song disturbed really is great and can relate to some people who are angry and i love this song and if you dont like it u r crazy
  • Brittani from Dalton, Ohme and my freinds love this song. we like it so much because it remindes us of these two really awsome guys.
  • Richard from Pittsburg, CaI was never really into Disturbed until the Ten Thousand Fists album came out (Which doe's kick everybody's ass James from Raytown MO)... The album is great all the way through but the song Stricken just.... It's just awesome.
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthis is my all time favorite disturbed song. i love the guitar solo and the drumming is just phenominal.
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyThis song is awesome!!!!! I love the guitar and the melody is really good. The lead singer has a good voice and I love it it when he makes that wierd yell at the begining of some stanzas. Disturbed kicks butt.
  • James from Raytown, Moawesome disturbed song, i think the whole ten thousand fists cd kicks everybody's ass, i couldn't find a song i didn't like. gaurded is a pretty cool song.
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