The Vengeful One

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  • The lead single from Disturbed's sixth album Immortalized, "The Vengeful One" was the band's first released song following a four-year hiatus. "The idea was to leave when we were at our peak, which we were, and to come back when we felt reinvigorated," vocalist David Draiman asserted. "Everything was strategic. We wanted to give ourselves a chance to breathe, give the fans a chance to breathe, and give the culture a chance to evolve. Now is the time. The environment feels ready. The musical landscape feels ready. We're ready."
  • Draiman explained the song's meaning: "Basically, 'The Vengeful One' is the personification of The Destroyer, the Angel of Death, Gabriel, or the Hand of God looking over humanity," he said. "In the song, it's the End of Days. Things are getting worse, and we're becoming more destructive. The media is playing everyone against one another and baiting the entire world. It's judgment day. This is that entity's voice speaking and passing judgment."
  • The song's animated video was made by filmmaker Phil Mucci, whose clip for High On Fire's "Fertile Green" was named best video of 2012 by Revolver magazine. His other credits include Korn's "Oildale (Leave Me Alone)" and Stone Sour's "Do Me A Favor."

    The clip features Disturbed's "The Guy" mascot. "The Guy is the embodiment of the Archangel Gabriel the Destroyer," Draiman explained to Artist Direct. "You are seeing him do his 'unholy work' in the video."
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  • Grace from ArkhamAwesome video and unfortunately poor timing with the shooting of the reporters. The song does not promote that but rather killing the lies that the mass media news feeds to us daily.
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