Not Ready To Make Nice

Album: Taking The Long Way (2006)
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  • When Natalie Maines remarked at a London concert on March 10, 2003 that she was "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas," the Dixie Chicks were dropped from playlists at many radio stations and subjected to attacks on their character, even death threats. This song finds them standing up for themselves and refusing to back down from their statements. They might be willing to forgive at some point, but they're never going to forget.
  • Dan Wilson from the group Semisonic wrote this song with the Dixie Chicks. The collaboration came about when Rick Rubin, who was working with Wilson on his 2005 solo album Free Life and also on the Chicks' album Taking The Long Way, teamed them up. Wilson drove from Los Angeles to Santa Monica, on the way thinking up an idea for a song called "Undivided," which would find the trio singing about the things that unite Americans. When Wilson shared the idea during their first songwriting session, Natalie Maines asked, "Does that mean that in the song, we would have to forgive all the people that screwed us?"

    "For the song, maybe," Wilson replied.


    With a clear idea of what they were looking for, Wilson started working on what became "Not Ready to Make Nice."
  • Emily Robison said: "The stakes were definitely higher on that song. We knew it was special because it was so autobiographical, and we had to get it right. We've all gone through so many emotions about the incident. We talked for days with Dan before putting pen to paper, and he really helped get inside our heads and put these feelings out. And once we had this song done, it freed us up to do the rest of the album without that burden."

    Natalie Maines added: "We tried to write about the incident a few times, but you get nervous that you're being too preachy or too victimized or too nonchalant. Dan came in with an idea that was some kind of concession, more 'can't we all just get along?' and I said, nope, I can't say that, can't do it. And we talked about it, and he said, what about "I'm not ready to make nice?" From the outside, normal people really weren't aware of how bizarre and absurd it got. Dan was really good at clueing in to that, saying something that didn't back down, but still had a vulnerability to it. This album was therapy. To write these songs allowed me to find peace with everything and move on." (quotes from a publicity release)
  • The title is something Dan Wilson's mother used to say to him when she wasn't yet ready to forgive his latest misdeed.
  • At an earlier songwriting session, Dan Wilson wrote "So Hard" with Dixie Chicks (he co-wrote six songs on the album). That night, he started writing "Not Ready to Make Nice" in his hotel room. The next day, he came into the studio, Village Recorders, with part of a verse:

    Forgive, sounds good
    I made my bed I sleep just fine in it
    They say time heals everything
    I'm still waiting

    And a piece of chorus:

    I'm not ready to make nice
    I'm not ready to calm down

    The ladies loved the idea, and the four of them attacked the song, as Wilson says, "Four lions who had just spotted a large herd of gazelles on the savannah." By the end of the day, they had the demo completed.
  • Rick Rubin, famous for his work with Slayer, LL Cool J and Jay-Z, produced this track. Rubin recalls an empowering atmosphere in the studio when they were recording the track, which makes a strong statement about standing tall amid adversity.
  • This won Grammy Awards for both Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year, and Taking The Long Road also won for Album Of The Year. It was the first Country song to win in the Record Of The Year category and the first to win Song Of The Year since "Always On My Mind" in 1983. Lady Antebellum matched the feat at the 2011 awards with "Need You Now."
  • This single had a surge in sales of paid digital downloads after the group were featured on the television broadcast of the 2007 Grammy Awards. It originally peaked at #23 in its original US chart run in the summer of 2006. The single re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #4 in February 2007. This huge leap in sales meant that the song tied with "Control Myself" by LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez as the highest re-entry in the history of the Billboard singles chart. "Control Myself" re-entered at #4 the previous year.
  • Veteran director Sophie Muller, who worked with the Chicks on "Top of the World," directed the music video that finds the trio struggling against censorship. Natalie is chastised by a teacher for trying to speak up and eventually lands in a mental institution. The video broke the record for the longest run at #1 on VH1's VSpot Top 20 Countdown, where it spent 15 weeks at the top (14 consecutive).
  • The song's co-writer Dan Wilson recorded his own version of the song for his 2017 album Re-Covered, where he re-interpreted many of the songs he wrote for other artists. In a Songfacts interview, he talked about reworking "Not Ready To Make Nice." Said Wilson: "That one really scared me, because the Chicks' version was so definitive, and Natalie is such a giant as a singer. I'm a much more low-key singer, and her epic passion is untouchable for me, so I was intimated to do that version."

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  • Rachel - True Blue Aussie from Australia Hi, to Hank from st.catherines, on ...hahahaha! Love it mate!! Working on it! ... Getting a life that is:) hope someone can answer those questions for ya, cos I wanna know the answers too!
  • Rachel - True Blue Aussie from Australia Hi, to Erik, Fairfield ... The Lord loves all and does not want anyone to burn in hell. John 3:16 tells us this 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' Key words the world and whosoever. This excludes nobody and includes everybody. Now I don't know too much about all that's gone on over there(I'm an Aussie!;)so I won't comment on whether or not I agree with what Natalie said, but I will say that it is not up to us to judge her for her choices in life, God has that job. We are all sinners, like it or not that's what we are, so to judge each other for things we deem as bad, sinful or wrong is completely and utterly silly! A verse in the bible I love is this 'but God commendeth his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.' Romans 5:8 what a loving merciful God. How could he love a sinner such as I, totally undeserving. We all have a choice, believe....dont believe, no one can take that away from anyone.

  • Harvey Wachtel from Kew Gardens, Ny@Sam: I agree with most of your sentiments, but the main reason atheists exist is that we don’t see any evidence for God. The fact that several millennia ago some influential people insisted that there is one is about as convincing as Donald Trump insisting that millions of undocumented immigrants voted in the 2016 election. The fact that atheism alliows us the luxury of giving a Bronx cheer to those who threaten us with damnation is a minor side benefit.

    Best to you in any case.
  • Leah from Lloydminster, SkOh My God this song spoke to me so much this past week. A beautiful person died way too young, everybody gossiped about so many things. Had to pull away from the group. Heard song clip somewhere & it just brought me in to the reality of life. Stop hating each other, we are all different & that's okay. What a kickass attitude on these girls for taking this world situation on their shoulders. I'm going to their concert for his one song. Way to stray strong. You inspire me!
  • Alice from Herning, DenmarkI'm Sorry to say that I'm apparently stupid. Well I wouldn't know.. I'm stupid.
    Anyway, I think that Dixie Chicks was in their rights to say what they did. The Bush government was crazy. then again I AM in to the love-peace&understandingthing.
    I certainly don't hope that Dixie Chicks will end up in hell. Bush has been guilty of much more kill than dixie chicks... just my point of view
  • Randy from Tallassee, AlI wonder how many people from texas that are mad at these ladies for saying what they did actually voted. and if they did that kind of scares me if they did lol
  • Karlee from Grande Prairie, AbHa ha, oh, and I can't resist.
    Erik- you're an idiot, and you are the exact reason that athiests exist.
  • Karlee from Grande Prairie, AbIt seems to me that we've got bigger problems if we're thinking in terms of negativity in pop culture. You people want to crucify Natalie Maines for speaking out against what she thinks is unjust, and yet you'll still go out and buy a f--king R. Kelly album even though he's out sleeping with minors.
    It's funny to read all these comments from people from Texas who happen to be completely missing the point. You all act as if it was a personal attack on your integrity, like your name was bashed on that stage. Why the hell do you care so much?
    If you were any kind of patriot, you would be grateful for the fact that she is able to state her case and come home knowing that she will face no repercussions besides some angry southerners looking to burn her at the stake. (Because we all know that death is the appropriate punishment for an attack on President Bush's integrity.)
  • Sophie from London, United KingdomI think they are brave for speaking out. Natalie inspires me, and nothing anyone else says will persuade me otherwise. I disagree with the Iraq war. I'm glad someone was brave enough, despite the fact that it temporarily ruined them, to speak out, and to stand strong, and to carry it through. I am a Dixie Chicks fan through and through. And I think that they are an inspiration.
  • Kristen from Chapmanville, WvFirst ammendment of the U.S. Constitution: Freedom of Speech.
    If all this has to do with politics, then why not pay attention to the laws our country was built on?
    Maybe it was wrong to insult the state of Texas itself, but I agree that George W. Bush is the worst president in American history.
    She had every right to speak her mind. Everyone does every single day of their life and they can't deny that. She did it publicly is the ONLY difference. I respect her for going against "the status quo." I also agree with any positive comment on this page.
    The song is very beautiful. I grew up around the Dixie Chicks and I have most of their CD's. They are a great country group and always will be. That song really could relate to many other situations as well though.
    I know I'm young and don't know much about politics, but I know that much. I'm very opinionated and if you don't like that, I'm sorry.
    Keep your rude comments to yourself and put yourself in their shoes. Do you like it when someone tries to tell you your opinion is wrong? No. Opinions aren't right or wrong, so respect it. Just sayin'.
  • Heather from Cincinnati, OhYeah, Everyone has their own opinion and none of yall should be judging others opinions because I know you wouldn't like it if someone didn't like you, made nasty comments about you, etc. if because of your opinion... And the dixie chicks have their opinion!!!!!! And honestly i agree with them! George Bush Sucks!!!! And I'm ashamed that he's from Texas too! Natalie, thank you for speaking your mind and you have every right to! The dixie chicks are awesome and i was jammin' to their music in my car today! And to Farrah from NC Get Over Yourself Already! Kay Thanksbye! :) GO NATALIE AND GO DIXIE CHICKS!!!!!!!!
  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxFine by us, Nattie. We aren't ready to forgive you, either.
  • Tash from Tofino, BcThis song is beautifully written. I would be ashamed to be from Texas too!!
  • Oceansky6666 from Dallas, TxI went to school with a girl who's uncle started this. I grew up loving them. They ignored what the constitution said about free speech and no one was brave enough to stand up for them except there fans.
  • Roman from Barrie, Onwhen I saw a father and son team in the midwest US being interviewed on tv before being shipped off to fight in Iraq state that Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks the term 'US Intelligence' came to mind. This brave group and their songs are no less important to US history than '4 Dead in Ohio', 'Sky Pilot' and other anti-war anthems recorded 40 years ago. Besides the girls are better musicians and writers than their c&w counterparts who lament about the drunk or dog that ran away.
  • Hank from St.catherines, Onyou all should get some lives! :)
  • Morgan from Gresham, Ori love how this song can fit so many situations in life.
    lately i've been listening to it a lot, even though it's not really my usual kind of music.
    i'm being blamed and reprimanded for siding with my friends rather than my family, when my family was the one who was in the wrong. my dad and cousin started a fight with 2 of my best friends, and my cousin was arrested because one of my friends is pressing charges.
    they expect me to go on like nothing happened, be "part of the family" again, but I'M NOT READY TO MAKE NICE. AND I'M NOT READY TO BACK DOWN CUZ I'M STILL MAD AS HELL.
  • Hank from St.catherines, On-what is the event that inspired the song?
    -whats the historical context?

    -are there metaphors,similies,alliterations, that are in the song?
    -are there any grammatical errors in the song?
    -what are two ideas from the lyrics and further investigate/research them to provide additional backgroud

    *if any one can answer these questions please do so it would help alot!*
  • Henry O. Godwinn from Wheeling, WvThis song was written in response to all of this
    bleeping idiots who sniped at the chicks for their
    comments about Bush. First amendment gives them the right to speak their minds. To any of those idiots out there who think I ain't a patriot...I love my country I'm just not thrilled with the current bunch of idiots in the white house and this is from a guy from West Virginia.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtWow...Based on most everyone's crude comments and outrageous e-mail based arguments and remarks, I am honestly glad the Dixie Chicks aren't "Ready to make nice." Just as you all have, the Dixie Chicks have every right to voice their opinion's on life, politics, etc...As the rest of us do. This is a beautiful song regardless of the meaning behind it, but that's just MY OPINION.
  • Rhianna from Badonkadonkville, OhWooooow aren't we all just wonderful little friendly people huh? Are we any better than Natalie herself as we sit here trashing eachother's opionions and tearing them apart? And don't accuse me of being a free loving-love all people-hippy bc I am NOT. I just see the hypocrasy coming out is all...
  • Anna from Nipawin, SkI realize that this dscussion and slam session is probably way over butI m surprised at some of the remarks that have come out of viewing this song. I realize that politics are a big thing in the US and so i will be careful as I stand up for teh artist of this song.
    What they said was their opinion, I get that, and many have replied in a manner that worked against them in the popularity department, wat shocks me is how when someone speaks againt an official millions of people yell and throw temper tantrums, yet if they went with status quo no one would have said anythig at all.

    To call these artists idiots is a sad reality, there brilliant,they show you how they feel in there music through there songs. I don't blame them and I am prud of them for doing it that way.
    They could have done somhing alot different and caused more of a ruckus.

    Their a brilliant artist and anyone who calls them stupid obviously doesn't know how t react in a sense that is TOLERANT to all opinions.

    To all those who think this song is a snit and that the Dixie Xhcks should dissapear YOU GET OVER IT ALREADY!
  • Alex from York, PaI don't understand how stating someone's beliefs and political views "illustrates their obvious lack of intellect" (Randall, Chattanooga, TN). Please could someone explain that. I share my personal views, and I'm number nine in my class of over five hundred. So, apparently, I'm stupid because I state my opinion. That doesn't make sense at all. "In this country you get freedom of speech, but only if you have the decency to agree with the status quo." (Erik, Fairfield County, CT) Hmm... I had to read the Constitution in History, and I don't remember anything about having to "agree with the status quo" to get freedom of speech. I took AP US History, so we looked at the Constitution in depth, and I swear that there is nothing about the status quo in our Constitiution. The Founding Fathers of the USA wanted people to be able to express their opinion, even if it didn't comply with the popular opinion. They didn't want people to be persecuted for their beliefs and views, like in other countries. (Believe it or not, that was a "liberal" idea in their time.) And what's so bad about being Liberal? So what? Liberals and Conservatives have different opinions about many things. And we need to accept those differences in opinion. We can't be hating others because their opinion is different than our own. But think of it this way. One hundred years ago, Liberals were the ones who wanted to give women the right to vote. Fifty years ago, people called those who wanted Civil Rights "liberals." Today, we look at many of the leaders of those times as heros, such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. And today, things like Civil Rights and Universal Sufferage are common ideas in both major political parties. I love the Dixie Chicks, and I applaud them for standing up for themselves and their beliefs.
  • Heather from Los Angeles, CaTo Steve in Fenton: Go look in a mirror. To Marto in Sydney: My God learn to spell. To Mermi in NYC: Are you really from NYC? To Tyler in Edmond: A woman who has balls is a man. To Robert in Queens: Give the definition of a "real band". To Stephen in Denver: You sound like a bumper sticker kiddo. To Sam in Portsmouth: Bush isn't killing plants he's killing people.To Erik in Fairfield: You're bats. To Randall in Chatanooga: Intellect and the posession thereof does not define as "Knee-jerk Republican"

    To the Dixie Chicks: thanks for a song about this god-awful period of American history.

  • Alan from Syracuse, NyFreedom of speech is one of many rights that make this the greatest country on earth (IMO). What bothers me is the attitude that freedom of speech exempts one from condemnation. If that were true, wouldn't that mean that a person that wishes to condemn statement or person making it does not have the right to do so? Freedom of speech does not selectively apply. Freedom of speech was also basically enacted to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech needs little protection. You should think deeply what you say before you say it. There could be consequences. If The Chicks had thought about the potential backlash and the drop in sales that occurred, would they have said that about the President? Only they know. I think not. In summary, the chicks spoke, and so did a large segment of opposing record buying public. It worked as intended. Also, when the chicks first apologized, no one believed them. The public knew they were only sorry about the consequences (ridicule but more so, the drop in sales and popularity). There was really no place left to go but stand their original position at that point. Freedom of speech does carry a price. It was more intended to protect one from punishment when speaking out against government.
  • Morgan from Atlanta, Gaokay well i play this song on the guitar and well im a bush girl but i dont critize the chicks for it.everyone has their own opinion and if you have one,voice it.i think this song is meanful in that after everything theyve faced,theyre still able to pick themselves back up and do what they love doing.this line:"It's a sad sad story when a mother will teach her daughter that she outa hate a perfect stranger" says so much about todays society and i agree with every word of this song.and this song isnt just about what they said and how they feel about it now,its about how people can be so cruel.this song has a great message i think.
  • Alex from York, PaI LOVE the Dixie Chicks, and this is one of my favorite songs!
    To all of you who hate the Dixie Chicks for saying what they believe, shame on you. First of all, the First Ammendment gives them the right to say whatever they want, so Constitutionally they should be allowed to say whatever the heck they want without being condemned for it. Also, we all have leaders we don't like, whether it be a boss or political leader. Since the Democratic race began, all I've heard was that Hilary is an evil woman, and that's okay. But as soon as someone says something bad about our President they are condemned. Oh please, do us all a favor and grow up!
  • Nikki from Heights, Txthis song rocks there saying what they want to say and they can so yall can just get over it!
  • Terri from Nashville, Tnthe chicks have made no more ugly comments about the President than our other elected politicians have made about each other. everyday the people of the US are making ugly comments about the President and others. the chicks just did it in public during a concert. most of you people who are slashing the chicks for what they did are the type of people who probably would or have said the same thing but would not have the guts to say it in public. i voted for Bush twice and feel really stupid for it. i do not think the chicks should have done what they did but will not bash them for commenting their feelings about a politician as i have done myself.
  • Marto from Sydney, Australiabtw they only won those stupid grammy cause off the bullcrap they said.

    slayer won a grammy for writing a song about a soldgier killing himself before the iraq war, thats not polotics thats a song about beeign forced to do something but not wanting to

    the dixi3 chicks are sell outs

  • Marto from Sydney, Australiathe dixie chicks are scumbbags. they say crap about their countries leader. If youi don't like the leader of your country then go piss off to bahrain with Michael Jackson
  • Mermi from Nyc, NyOprah said in an interview that "the song was written so well that you could barely tell it was about the incident"

    At this, I have to sincerely chuckle. The first time I heard it, I thought (sarcastically): "Wow, they're discreet". That line that goes like: "And how in the world
    Can the words that I said
    Send somebody so over the edge
    That they'd write me a letter
    Saying that I better shut up and sing
    Or my life will be over"

    IMO, while this whole instance may have been blown a bit out of proportion, it's because of their insanely zealous left-wing lectures that I'd never dream of going to a concert. I absolutely love their music, but I do not support people who make glib, snobby, obnoxious comments about politics.
  • Freadum Ring from Pasadena, CaDixie Chicks is what America is all about. Dixie Chicks speaks the truth ! an artist for , by, and of the people !
  • Tyler from Edmond, Okwell i do have to say one thing that natalie has balls im a repubican and i think shes a bitch for what she said but that girls got some balls to say that knowing that shes pissing off millions of people and most likely dooming her band so that no country stations will ever play their songs but she still did it...
  • Dianne from Ft. Bening, GaInteresting comments, everyone. I love the Dixie Chicks because they're talented musicians who sing/play from the heart, whether I agree with them or not. While it's true that many musicians do indeed express their values (political and otherwise) through their music, I think they need to be mindful of their influence on people. People tend to imitate the behavior and adopt the views of their idols, without considering whether that behavior or those views are worth imitating. When they do this, they are actually giving up their freedom of speech and expression in order to sound like someone else instead of themselves. I invite everyone, of all ages and all backgrounds, to challenge people who imitate others like parrots and encourage them to think for themselves. Ask them why they admire someone. Often it's because they're beautiful/handsome or maybe even talented, but is that a reason to emulate them? And wouldn't it be great if more musicians and other public figures took their status seriously and actually gave us something worthy to imitate? Thanks for listening to my two cents.
  • Robert from Queens, Nyyou should listen to a real band like Zeppelin or the Stones.
  • Jessica from Cincinnati, OhWow, you guys are harsh, I totally took Eric's comment as complete sarcasm. You know how in a true and false test, if the statement is absolute, it's usually false. Well in a comment like this, when statements are absolute, they are usually sarcastic. Anyway, someone said that nobody cares about this issue anymore and that they are beating a dead horse. Well, to you maybe it's a dead horse, but they are still seeing all the backlash from that whole situation, it hasn't died for them, they are still dealing with it. Just because you decided to ignore the issue doesn't mean it has disappeared for them. They have finally decided that they are going to quit trying to appease everyone. Throughout this whole thing, they have never wavered in their assurance that they did the right thing, and I think it was very strong of them to do so! Great job, ladies, keep on keepin' on!!
  • Erin from Pittsburgh, PaI love this song. I'm ashamed Bush is from Texas to.
  • Stephen from Denver, CoOh I meant Sam. Sorry
  • Stephen from Denver, CoGood point Rick
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaI see ricks point and stephens but I don't see izzy's. See izzy, being a liberal which is a term used by politicians to classify a person with Democratic Party beliefs, is using a figure of speech called guilt by assocation (something also used by Hitler) by implying that because Bush is killing the enviroment (as long as your pretty much doing anything nowadays, your killing the enviroment izzy) us Bush supporters are wrong. Plus eric doesn't repersent all conservatives and don't get mad at him because he's religious. Hell I've got a jevhovahs witness and most of his friends are athiest, while I'm an agonostic. I will be waiting for a response.
  • Stephen from Denver, CoI get what your saying Rick (hence Green Day's American Idiot) because that's part of this form of expression. It usually helps people to understand that band's music (and process etc.). I'm talking about outside of the music where a band makes it their purpose to bias their fan base and making themselves succeptible (however that's spelled) to these comments. The only reason they wrote this song was because they realized what this did to their income (reducing). They are pretending like if someone hits you and you get the wind knocked out of you, but you just pretend that it didn't hurt. And now look. They are being praised for their "bravery". I'm 13 and even I can see through that bullsh*t. Rick I'd like to see your rebuttal to see if I missed anything.
  • Rick from Dallas, TxAnd regarding why posted three times, system seems to be acting up. For that I apologize if it bothers anyone.
  • Rick from Dallas, TxInteresing how those who disagree with Natalie's statement want performers to only play their music, not espouse their view (political and/or otherwise). Guess they don't bother to actually listen to many of the words these performers sing, might actually give them a clue. Most performers (on both sides of the political spectrum) tend to include their morals, values, and views in what they choose to perform. As such, separating the performer from their views is like asking a conservative to stop being such (or for that matter, a liberal to stop being one also).
  • Izzy from Buffalo, NyErik, 'Maybe if the Dixie Chicks weren't stupid liberals then their opinions wouldn't be so quickly dismissed as unintelligent and bitchy. In this country you get freedom of speech, but only if you have the decency to agree with the status quo'?!?!?!? ouch! that stings. alright, lets take this apart.
    1) 'stupid liberal' hmm...generalize much? even if you are a republican, that doesn't mean you have the authority to label people who don't agree with you as stupid. I mean, that's what Hitler did!
    2) their opinions aren't dismissed as unintelligent and bitchy...
    3)'In this country you have freedom of speech, but only if you have the decency to stick with the status quo' Where does it say that in the constitution? Once again, you are seriously sounding like a nazi... I mean, isn't the whole point of freedom of speech is that you don't have to agree with the status quo?
    And, um, how is Bush great? HES KILLING THE ENVIRONMENT!! i mean, seriously, get a brain man! and, i don't think natalie will burn in hell because she is upset that our country is being governed by a man who bought his way into polotics.
    and, back to the song, i believe that the dixie chicks have every reason to be 'mad as hell'. i mean, the people burned their c.d's for christ sake!(Yeah, erik, i used the lords name in vain? what're you gonna do about it? hide behind your bible?) the nazi's burned books, records, and art!

    p.s. erik-im jewish! sucka!
  • Stephen from Denver, CoI totally agree with you Sam, Portsmouth, VA. I'm conservative and 13 and hate how the entertainment industry can completely bias the younger kids. In my school, impressionable kids think whatever they hear their favorite band say about any sort of a political connotation. It's frustrating because it's the same kids who think India is going to bomb us. I hate how Julia Roberts is actually taken seriously! I really don't give a sh*t about them hating George Bush, because I can see where they are coming from. You would have to be completely oblivious to just say that he is brilliant and everything he says is brilliant. I want to like him but everytime he tries to prove his point, he just rambles on and people like the Dixie Chicks are justified in selling out the leader of the free world. You have to give him the benefit of the doubt because unlike Clinton (who sat by during, I think it was 7, terrorist attacks) he actually didn't take it lying down. All politics aside, the song is just about them thinking that their opinion is really worth a damn. I'm all for free speech, but it's just frustrating that we can't rise up as a country. United we must stand. Any comments about my comment would be appreciated.
  • Sam from Portsmouth, VaThere are a few things I hate about this song and group. First the group, look I know they had every right to say what they said (I am a huge surporter of free speech) but I HATE this whole thing about every musician hating Bush and being public about. First for the last time YOU ARE NOT WELL EDUCATED IN POLITICS, QUIT BIASING YOUR FANS BY SAYING YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS, I DON'T CARE TWO SH!TS ABOUT YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS I CARE ABOUT THE MUSIC. Secondly, I know what they have been through but by the time this song came out no one cares anymore. Now they are just beating a dead horse. Now the song, I sorta like the Dixie Chicks (mainly because my mom NEVER shut it off around our house when I was little)but this song sucks. I amite the lyrics are good but the music sucks. Its like its trying to be a power ballad/hard rock/country song all at the same time. The guitar player (who is a genius banjo player acually) is just hiting the power chord once. The fiddle playing is mediocore compared to their old stuff. Thats my opinion about this song.
  • Tsung-tse from Taipei City, TaiwanI totally love this song. And I was almost reduced to tears watching Dixie Chicks perform it live on the 49th Grammy Awards.
    Btw, I love the music video very much.
  • Shane from Providence, RiI saw "Shut up and Sing," the documentary on the Dixie Chicks. I talked to someone who suggested, and I think this was a good point, that a lot of the reason for the anger was the fact that they were women. As much as we want to look at our country as being forward thinking, a part of me thinks that the anti- Dixie Chick mentality comes from an attitude that women should be quiet and subservient. That's part of what makes me so uncomfortable when I hear people like Erik lobbing blind hatred at them. And as a Christian, I'm downright embarrassed to see my religion represented by a person who is so eager to hijack God to justify his temper tantrum.
  • Grace from L-port, PaHAHAHA!!! Erik, it's people like you who make me glad I wasn't raised to be religious. You put a bad name on all Christians. "Stupid Liberals", eh? songwriters and singers, just like every other person in this world, The Dixie Chicks have every right to sing, or say, how they feel. It's called an opinion for a reason. We are against the Lord if we are Liberals? HA! Good one, grow up, kid.
  • Niall from Co.kildareHonestly I can't understand how I refrained form punching my laptop monitor in frustration upon reading that post. Erik tell me that's sarcasm?
  • Allen from Dallas, TxI take great issue with Erik's comment that you're only allowed Freedom of Speech in The United States if you "have the decency" to agree with the "status quo." Hopefully that's sarcasm. If not, it's quite ignorant. Since when is "the status quo" always considered the most decent opinion? Think of slavery, suffrage, the theory that the world is flat? If people didn't speak up with their opinions, this country wouldn't be as great as it is and people would still be stuck (mentally) in the Dark Ages. This EARTH would be a horrible place if people were too afraid to go against the status quo and try to improve things. And since when did "The Lord" hate liberals? Liberals are the ones that love all the folks his "Good People" will only spit at. If you want to exercise YOUR freedom of speech, why don't you do it AFTER you get your head out of your ass? Next time, why don't you grow up before posting ignorant, religiously zealous and hateful comments?
  • Erik from Fairfield County, CtMaybe if the Dixie Chicks weren't stupid liberals then their opinions wouldn't be so quickly dismissed as unintelligent and bitchy. In this country you get freedom of speech, but only if you have the decency to agree with the status quo. If you're too much of a wussy liberal who is against the Lord then maybe you should go drop dead too. I know for sure that, for forsaking our great and honorable President George W. Bush, Natalie will more than likely burn in Hell under the Lord's wrath. Die, Natalie.
  • Niall from Co.kildareExactly what was idiotic about what she said? I found it perfectly intelligint and valid
  • Mike from Wilmington, DeI'd like to thank our friends from Canada and Australia for voicing support for the ideals which made the United States of America a country to be proud of. I only wish more of our own citizens shared your beliefs and Natalie's conviction.
  • Chantell from Delta, CanadaFor a country that allows "freedom of speech" the dixie chicks sure were reprimanded for doing nothing more then speaking their opinion. Personally I would be ashamed as well. Not only about the president but also about people in my country treating me that way just for exercising my right to free speech. Reality people not everyone is going to like the president.
  • Melissa from Edmonton, CanadaI love this song! It's one of those songs that doesn't get annoying when it gets played over and over. I love how the Dixie Chicks aren't ashamed by their beliefs and are willing to voice them. To 'third' in Australia - it's not all about their fans. It's about them too. And it's their choice to voice their beliefs. (*gets to see them in November*)
  • Randall from Chattanooga, TnNo one has ever taken the Dixie Biatches seriously...and now they never will. When anyone, regardless of their public status, makes an idiotic statement like Natalie did, it only illustrates their obvious lack of intellect.
  • Third from Adelaide, Australia"Get Over It Already!!"

    I agree. The Dixie Chicks should totally dismiss all their morals and values for the sake of their fans. I mean who do they think they are anyway?

    (the above is pure sarcasm in case you didn't notice)
  • Farrah from Elon, NcThis is to the Dixie Chicks. Get Over It Already!!
  • Stephanie from Mill Creek, WaThis song is amazing, I love how it never gets old. Natalie Maines is so honest and straight can't blame her.

    I love the lyric, "It's a sad sad story when a mother will teach her daughter that she outa hate a perfect stranger"
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