From Here to the Moon and Back

Album: Blue Smoke (2014)


  • Dolly Parton originally recorded and performed this song with Kris Kristofferson in the 2012 movie Joyful Noise. The following year, she re-recorded the tune with Willie Nelson. This version can be found on both Nelson's 2013 album, To All the Girls.... and Parton's 2014 set Blue Smoke.
  • Parton first met Nelson in her early days in Nashville. She told Billboard magazine: "We came here at about the same time. He had short hair, shaved, looked just like a dork. You'd never in a million years think he would have turned out to look like he does. We both started writing for Fred Foster at Combine Music and Monument Records."

    "Our careers kind of went hand in hand, from Monument to RCA, and we kept sitting around, singing each other songs that we had written over the years," Parton continued. "We did an album and TV Show called Winning Hand a few years ago where we sang some stuff together, He just stayed a good friend, and when he got ready to do his album with all the girls he loved before, he asked me if I would sing on it."
  • Dolly told Uncut magazine: "I love Willie. I love that old funky sound he gets on that guitar. But he's very hard to sing with because of his phrasing. It was like an exercise of some sort, like trying to catch him with all his little phrases and all. But it was a joy, and I'm glad we did it."

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  • Vickie S. from Marion, IowaFirst, I have been a fan of you, Dolly Pardon for over 50 years. You have an amazing voice, talent stage presence, a wonderful laugh, and a kind heart that touches everyone who comes in contact with you. You are admired by more people than ever come in contact with you or make the effort to write to you. I recently read about your generous donations to hospitals because of leukemia, cancer, and most recently this Covid virus . You are a wonderful humanitarian and always have been and I love it that you stay True to your roots and family.

    I was wondering if you can help me with something very important. I love this song you sing, “From here to the moon and back”, with Chris Kristofferson. I have two young granddaughters that I have been singing that song to them since they were babies and now they are six and seven years of age. Your mother is very ill in fact terminally ill and has gone blind. I cannot seem to find a music box anywhere with your lovely song on it. I’ve even search Dollywood for one. Do you know has one ever been made and if so how I might get a hold of Two of them, so that my granddaughters might be comforted anytime their little hearts are hearting? My daughter and I both had major heart attacks in 2018- Ashley was 33 yrs, and I was early 60s. She was in a coma for two months and I’m a cancer survivor and I’ve not been able to see my daughter or my granddaughter‘s in two years. I believe his music boxes would help the girls so much. If you could please give me any advice on where I might be able to find a music box with your beautiful song in it, I would be eternally grateful. I still have a video of my two-year-old granddaughter singing your song with me as we were getting ready to say goodbye to each other and try not to cry at the same time we were singing your song.
  • Diane from CanadaLove this song so much
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