Jennifer Juniper

Album: Hurdy Gurdy Man (1968)
Charted: 5 26
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  • This was inspired by George Harrison's then-sister-in-law, Jennifer Boyd (sister of Pattie). Both sisters married after this recording: Pattie Boyd Harrison married Eric Clapton, Jennifer Boyd married Mick Fleetwood.

    Born Helen Boyd in England in 1947, the younger sister of Pattie was given the nickname Jenny after Pattie's favorite doll.

    Jenny was a London model and met the future drummer of Fleetwood Mac in 1965. Mick Fleetwood recalled the beginning of their relationship in his book, My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac: "I met Jenny when I was still in the Cheynes... I'd see Jenny coming home from school, a stunning 15-year-old in white stockings. I lost my heart to her immediately. I had a massive crush on her, but was so shy I couldn't say anything to her. I knew then, at age 16, that this was the girl I was destined to marry."

    Mick and Jenny's relationship was erratic for 15 years. They broke up first in the summer of 1966 while Jenny was working as a model, "Well, I met someone in Rome and became involved. I told Mick when I got home and he got really upset. It was a very big breakup." In 1966, Jenny had began experimentation with marijuana and LSD and described a incident which she said arose from the experience: "One momentous day I experienced an astonishing realization, which I can now identify as a spiritual awakening. The traditional Christian beliefs I had been taught as a child crumbled as I suddenly recognized that there was no God above or hell below. God was everywhere, inside each one of us. I saw everything as a circle: life, death, and rebirth, or reincarnation."

    Jenny moved back to Los Angeles, moved in with Mick, and they remarried in 1976. The couple divorced again six months after Jenny sobered up with the help of an Oriental acupuncturist. She moved back England with her daughters in 1978, where she met Ian Wallace, a drummer who had played with the bands King Crimson and Snape in 1972. They married in 1984. Jenny earned her bachelor's degree in humanities at Ryokan College, then she earned her master's degree in counseling psychology, and her Ph.D. in psychology in 1989. In her 1992 book, Musicians in Tune, Jenny Boyd stated that she divided her time between Malibu, California and Surrey, England with her husband, Ian, and was a consultant to Sierra Tucson, a Californian treatment center. Jenny and Mick's older daughter, Amy, had a son, Wolf Cassius, in 1994.
  • "Juniper" was the name of a boutique Jennifer Boyd ran.
  • Donovan sang the last verse in French, which is something his cohorts The Beatles did in 1965 on their song "Michelle."

    Donovan didn't speak French, which is pretty obvious. In his Songfacts interview, he said: "After I tried it, I asked my French pals what they thought of my French verse. They said, 'What French verse?' My accent wasn't right. So, it was a trial. I don't sing in other languages."
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Comments: 19

  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 19th 1968, Donovan left for India to study transcendental meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi...
    At the time in the U.S.A. his "Jennifer Juniper" was at #42 on Billboards' Hot Top 100 chart; four weeks later on April 14th, 1968 it peaked at #26 {see 2nd post below}
    Added info for the 2nd post below:
    The three weeks "Mellow Yellow" was at #2; the #1 record for the first week was "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys, and for weeks 2 and 3 it was "Winchester Cathedral" by the New Vaudeville Band
    Plus he just missed having a fifth Top 10 record when "There Is a Mountain" peaked at #11 in 1967.
  • Jason from Pittsburgh, PaJuniper was actually a Chelsea antiques store that Jenny Boyd owned along with her sister Patti, soon after the Mahirishi crusade fell out of favour and fashion with the Beatles entourage. At the time Donovan was interested in her and had followed her to India, but his love for her was unrequited, hence this song for her and soon after this period, she reunited with Mick Fleetwood and they were married.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 3rd 1968, "Jennifer Juniper" by Donovan entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #88; and on April 14th it peaked at #26 (for 2 weeks) and spent 9 weeks on the Top 100...
    Between 1965 and 1973 he had seventeen records on the Top 100; with four making the Top 10 and one reaching #1 ("Sunshine Superman" for 1 week in 1966)...
    Donovan, born Donovan Philips Leitch, will celebrate his 68th birthday in two months on May 10th (2014).
  • Jennifer from Scottsdale, AzMy orthodontist always called me Jennifer Juniper when I went for my monthly appointment's. It made feel special. Listening to the song makes me feel that way as well.

    Jennifer Juniper lives upon the hill,
    Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still.

    Is she sleeping ? I don't think so.
    Is she breathing ? Yes, very low.
    Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love ?

    Jennifer Juniper, rides a dappled mare,
    Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair.
    Is she dreaming ? Yes, I think so.
    Is she pretty ? Yes, ever so.
    Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love ?

    I'm thinking of what it would be like if she loved me.
    You know just lately this happy song it came along
    And I like to somehow try and tell you.

    Jennifer Juniper, hair of golden flax.
    Jennifer Juniper longs for what she lacks.
    Do you like her ? Yes, I do, Sir.
    Would you love her ? Yes, I would, Sir.
    Whatcha doing Jennifer, my love ?

    Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper.
    Jennifer Juniper vit sur la colline,
    Jennifer Juniper assise trs tranquille.
    Dort-elle ? Je ne crois pas.
    Respire-t-elle ? Oui, mais tout bas.
    Qu'est-ce que tu fais, Jenny mon amour ?
    Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper, Jennifer Juniper.
  • Sara from Silver Spring, MdThe last verse is in French and is a partial translation of the first verse.
  • Hypatia from Washington, Dc"Je ne sais pas" means 'I don't know'.

    "I don't care" in French would be "je me fiche" or "je me moque."
  • Ruby from New York, NyI think this is a really beautiful song. It's really sweet, but sad when it says "...Wonder what it would be like if she loved me."
  • Jenny from Accord, NyRemember my dad always playing this for me when I was very little. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I listen to it. Awwwwwwwwwwww love my dad, and my mom too. Wish those days weren't so long gone.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaI like it when he starts singing in pretty
  • Jennie from New York, NyAm rather disappointed to see this song only came out in 1968, as I was told as a child I was named for it- but I was born- and named- in 1965.
    Always love the mind pictures is creates though.
  • Timbre' from Tulsa,As I recall Patti and Eric made it for about a decade . . . not bad considering typical relationship longevity in the business. Poor Jenny - forever eclipsed by her sister!
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmI always see a girl siting on a hill that's really green and she has dark-jet-black hair. and she has a white shirt on, and blue jeans. And she has some burgandey shoes, I think I'll draw her now!
  • Lalah from Wasilla, AkWhen I was a kid I'd sing along to the French lyrics: Je ne sais, je ne pas which I translated as I don't care I don't care. Donovan always did sing pretty.
  • Tom from Milwaukee, WiWhat beautiful images this song describes. It is simple, yet I can almost see and smell the lilacs in her hair. The images are so real and feelings are very intense. I think we all had a Jennifer Juniper enter our lives at one time...TOM
  • David from Youngstown, OhOne of the most beautiful songs ever recorded by one of the most underrated musicians of all-time.
  • Jennifer from Brighton, EnglandI was christened Jennifer Juniper! How lucky am I!
  • Alan from Grande Prairie, Alberta, CanadaPatti Boyd did not marry Eric Clapton in '68 she was married to George Harrison at the time. It was Patti Harrison rejection of Clapton's advances that sent him into a drug spiral. He did eventually marry her in the '70's then divorced her. I guess the wanting is far more satisfying than the having.
  • Daniel from Boston , MaMy girl friends name is Jennifer and sometimes when Im feeling sentimental (drunk) I lie in bed and play this song and sing along.
  • Joe from Philadelphia, PaPlease...I'm looking for the lyrics to Jennifer
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