City of Gold

Album: Maximum Overload (2014)
  • Guitarist Herman Li recorded the solos of both this song and "The Game" on board Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch's yacht. He recalled to MetalInsider: "I was on his yacht and I said 'hey, do you think it would be cool if I come and do some guitar solos on your yacht, because I still have got to finish some work and I'm sick of sitting in a room somewhere in a studio,' and he said 'great idea.'"

    "So I set up my portable recording studio on his yacht and I thought we were just gonna record in the marina, that was it, but he said 'no, we're gonna take the boat out, and you're gonna do the solos while it's moving at sea.' So he just, he's crazy, he always like to do crazy things, so that was fun. He's filming me, and the boat was moving, kind of waving left and right, I'm trying to keep balance doing the solos, but we did it."
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