No More

Album: Maximum Overload (2014)


  • Guitarist Herman Li explained the song's meaning to AMH Network: "The lyrics are not about a sad relationship breakup," he said. "It's more like a 'I don't really care about it, why did I care in the first place' kind of song."
  • This features guest vocals by Matt Heafy of Trivium. It was one of three Maximum Overload tracks that he contributed towards. Guitarist Herman Li explained to MetalInsider: "The way we were recording the new album, we got to the point where we needed different kind of backing vocalists in certain songs, like 'The Game,' 'Defenders,' and also 'No More.' Somehow, we just thought of Matt's name all of a sudden, and we just asked him basically."

    "He was really cool, he recorded so much stuff, so many different vocals and rough, and harmonized his own voice, and black metal, thrash metal versions, it was really awesome that he was able to take the time while he was off tour to do the backing vocals spots for our songs."


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