Blue Tint

Album: Scorpion (2018)
Charted: 30
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  • This song finds Drake re-uniting with an ex.

    She had an attitude in the summer
    But she bein' nice again
    Double my price again
    Top of the charts, back in the hearts

    Drake is pleased the girl is back with him but also wary, since she had issues with him in the past.
  • As is his wont on much of his music, Drake also includes some braggadocio rhymes about his wealth, and place at the top of the rap tree. During the refrain, he is joined by Future as they sing about blue faces ($100 dollar bills that feature a blue stripe down the middle), blue diamonds and blue car tints. The latter is most likely an allusion to luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles, most which feature a blue tint on the windows.
  • South Carolina producer Supah Mario first worked with Drake in 2017 on More Life's "Ice Melts." He managed to score another placement on this song (along with JRHitmaker, Taz Taylor, and !llmind). According to a Rolling Stone interview, Supah Mario originally intended the beat for a much different rapper: Big K.R.I.T. However, after the Mississippi-born artist opted not to record to the southern funk laced instrumental, Supah Mario sent it over to Drake, who eventually turned it into "Blue Tint" with help from the other three producers.
  • Supah Mario noted that the beat was just one of many that he'd sent Drake over a long period. "Him or his engineer [Cadastre] will call me, text me on a regular basis: 'Yo, you got some new s--t?'" he said. "I keep him loaded up – in every pack [of beats] I make, at least one or two is going to him."
  • Super Mario told Genius the beat is built around several guitar samples. "I guess I was heavily influenced by the guitar because it hit home for me. Everything sounded like something I'd already heard before," the South Carolina producer told Genius. "The first impression that I got just from hearing the guitars alone is that it was definitely gonna be a more southern Memphis vibe, more Mississippi vibe. Or even where I'm from, South Carolina, where this is the prominent sound."
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