Final Fantasy

Album: Scorpion (2018)
Charted: 56


  • "Final Fantasy" finds Drake getting more sexually explicit than any other track on the Scorpion album. He gets straight to the point on his first line and continues telling the female he's addressing exactly what he wants to do to her.
  • While working on Scorpion, Drake sent a number of instrumental ideas to Nai Palm, lead singer of Hiatus Kaiyote, to see if they triggered any melodic ideas. (She ended up singing the outro to "Is There More"). An early version of this song was one of a number of demos that the Toronto MC floated by Palm. "We were discussing singing about sex in music," she recalled to Rolling Stone interview.

    "I wrote the first song I've written about sex, but I made it about nerdy mating rituals from the animal kingdom. He messaged me out of the blue like, 'I realized I've never really written a sex song.' He sent me, I can't remember what it's called, maybe 'Final Fantasy'? I was like, 'you're gonna break the internet with this one.'"
  • The song contains a sample of jazz singer's Dorothy Ashby's version of "The Windmills Of Your Mind."
  • The interlude is a sample from an episode of Maury, a tabloid talk show hosted by Maury Povich in which a guest taking a paternity test proclaims: "Who'd they say that baby look like? Drake!"

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  • Lloyd from Royal Oak, MichiganThe song's first half also contains a sample from the video game... u guessed it, Final Fantasy.
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