by Drake (featuring Jeezy)

Album: Thank Me Later (2010)


  • This song, produced by Drake's long-term collaborator Noah "40" Shebib, also features Jeezy. The number begins with a sample of Aaliyah singing softly, "Let me know," over and over, part of her refrain from "(At Your Best) You Are Love," which was a #6 hit for the teenage singer in 1994. Back in December 2009, Drake tweeted a message to fans hinting that he had an homage to the "Try Again" songstress in the works. "I miss Aaliyah," he wrote. "I hope you hear the words in my music and smile knowing you inspired them all."
  • Drake discussed his writing process in a MTV documentary Drake: Better Than Good Enough The Canadian MC said that rather than jotting down his lyrics on pen and paper, he reaches for a smartphone instead. Noah "40" Shebib explained: "All Drake's raps for eternity have been written inside of a Blackberry. I mean, to the point where if he doesn't have a Blackberry, we gotta go get somebody who's got one. I've had dummy Blackberrys around that I just pull out for him to write on, like if he needs one... that don't actually even work!"
    Drake added: "I can't write my raps on paper. The Blackberry keys - my thumbs were made for touching them."
  • Drake is a long term fan of Aaliyah and even has an image of the late singer's face with a dove flying above her tattooed on his back.


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