Another Day

Album: Second Sound (2014)


  • "Another Day" is the seventh track on the Canadian progressive rock acts sophomore album, Second Sound. The song features stunning vocal harmonies. In our interview with Druckfarben's guitarist, Ed Bernard, he described his vision regarding the singing in the song. Said Bernard: "The intro and outro just gave me a chance to have something that's almost like progressive rock barbershop."
  • Bernard explained his process for writing the lyrics and the story happening in the tune. "I ad-libbed the vocal part and then it ended up being a song about somebody coming from another country and moving to somewhere else that's way different than their homeland," he proclaimed. "I have no idea where that came from."
  • Bernard wrote the intro for "Another Day" on his octave mandolin. He had taught a lesson on his tenor guitar and surprisingly liked the way it sounded. So Bernard tuned his octave mandolin to sound like the tenor guitar and wrote the first portion of the song. "It goes into the next section, which is completely different in true prog fashion. The second, busy section is something that I took the time to just write," said Bernard.

    He goes on to confess his intention for the ending, stating, "I'll admit it, I tried to make it as complicated as I could."


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