Momma's House

Album: Tullahoma (2020)


  • "Momma's House" tells the story of a painful breakup that has tarnished the image Dustin Lynch had of his small hometown, and the painful ways memories of his romance haunt him "on every street, every corner." At his lowest point, Lynch is ready to "burn this whole town down"; it's only a reverence for his "Momma's House" that prevents him from doing so.
  • The country rocker was penned by Dylan Schneider, Michael Lotten, Rodney Clawson and Justin Wilson. The song was the first Lynch recorded for his fourth studio album; it stirred such the buzz that "Momma's House" became the creative catalyst for the set.
  • Lynch named the album after his Tennessee hometown. Every track on Tullahoma is about him growing up there, pointing to something that happened to him or his close friends and family. They further the storyline of his 2017 fictional "Small Town Boy" character.
  • Shot in Lafayette, Tennessee, and directed by Mason Dixon, the hot-blooded video finds Dustin Lynch brooding over a bad breakup. As he walks around, things ignite around him: mailboxes, a park bench, and an apartment building all go up in flames before he realizes the consequences of his actions and the singer elects instead to drown his sorrows at a bar.


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