Sun Don't Go Down On That

Album: Current Mood (2017)


  • Here, Dustin Lynch looks back nostalgically on an old relationship. He penned the song with his producer Ross Copperman and songwriter Jon Nite.
  • Lynch told Billboard the story of the song:

    "It just amazes me how magical songwriting is, because we went in on this particular day and had no ideas. We had nothing really going, we tried to write three or four different things. Because we were frustrated, Ross, my producer, was like, 'Dude, if you could buy a house somewhere, where would it be?' and I was like 'Encinitas' [in California], and he was like 'Man, I was just looking at that with my wife last night!' What are the odds of that?

    I started describing the last time I had been through there and what I loved about it, and he's like 'Man, I've got this track that's kind of oceany.' He played it, [along with] the first line, 'Sun down in Encinitas, barefoot holding up white Adidas.' When that line came out and it was like, 'Huh, here we go!'

    I just love that song because it's me writing about the way somebody made me feel that was a decade or more ago. That song to me… it's exciting, but it's kind of depressing, because I haven't felt that way in a long time. But at the same time, it's exciting because it's like "Man, there's someone else out there -- hopefully born, because it'd be weird if they weren't at my age [Laughs] - that is going to make me feel that way again. I can still flash back to how this particular person made me feel, and that's the way I can't wait to feel again. So that's the last time I've been amused. I was amazed that we came up with that song out of the randomness of talking about Encinitas, California."


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