Journey Of The Sorcerer

Album: One Of These Nights (1975)


  • This instrumental song was used as the opening theme for The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy radio drama. When the series was later released as a set of records, a new recording with a different arrangement was used to reduce royalties. >>
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    Ilari - Espoo, Finland
  • This was also used for The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy BBC television show and in the 2005 movie of the same name. The version used in the movie was a cover. >>
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    Spencer - Los Angeles, CA

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  • Lyndon Fisher from St. Albans, EnglandWould Journey of the Sorcerer be the highest gross earning song for the Eagles based on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame?
  • Phillip Bell from DenverI really hate the Eagles, man! But I like this song.
  • Zeppo Marx from HeavenDavid Bromberg helped out the eagles with this tune.
  • Kerry from SydneyIm sure I've heard this in Doctor Who when adavid Tenent is running through flames etc in a few episodes. I always though it was just a doctor who theme.

    Can anyone verify it was in there at all?
  • Pog from UkI just listened to the film version. It's terrible in comparison to the original. Sounds like a session musician with a non-plussed producer on his shoulder. The original is a beautiful track that displays so much creativity, and so much more dynamics. Sounds like space to me :)
  • Brett from Saint Charles, IlGood instrumental. Sounds like Heaven. It's a Heavenly instrumental song.
  • Pieter from Eersel, NetherlandsIf you listen very carefully, you'll find that it's just heavenly. @ Andy, maybe you should pay a visit to a local doctor to get your ears checked
  • Andy from San Diego, Cathis was HORRIBLE! It sounded like a bunch of instruments being run through a shredder. AWFUL! I want a nice 3 or 4 minute long version of the one I heard in the newest film...the banjo sound in that one was so beautiful! It sounded like angels descending from heaven...this garbage sounds more like a bunch of monkeys were given instruments.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlGreat of the best Ive heard
  • Jameson from Lexington, KyOne of my favorite songs, especially the original off "One of These Nights". I meditate to this song quite a bit.
  • John from Millersville, MdThe Eagles and the Guide in one place...heaven.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandAn instrumental means another version was released with lyrics. this song has two version, both without lyrics.

    The original was written by Bernie Leadon and the version from the TV show was the version from 'One Of These Nights'
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flnice instrumental...heard better from the eagles though
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