Waiting In The Weeds

Album: Long Road Out Of Eden (2007)


  • Running 7:46, "Waiting In The Weeds" finds Don Henley patiently waiting for a girl to come around and realize she's with the wrong guy. The song, though, is also an allegory for the band. After a spectacular run from 1971-1980, the Eagles flamed out even more spectacularly, with Henley saying the band would get back together when Hell froze over. It took 14 years, but they did return, this time at a much slower pace and with different priorities - the guys were now fathers. The didn't start working on a new album (Long Road Out Of Eden) until 2001, and didn't release it until 2007.

    Speaking with Billboard magazine after the album's release, Henley explained the meaning behind this song: "Here I am, just turned 60. I'm not complaining. I'm thrilled and delighted. None of us ever thought it would go on this long. But we are a determined bunch of guys. We take our time. We are not afraid of the passage of time, necessarily, and we've been sitting one out for a long time. That is kind of what 'Waiting In The Weeds' implies. Again, on the surface, that's a love song, but it's also about this band. We've just been sort of waiting for some of this bad music to die down, for certain trends to go away, so that we can get out there on the dance floor again. We are a band that knows how to bide its time, and how to wait."
  • Henley wrote this song with Eagles touring guitarist Steuart Smith, who also had a hand in writing the leadoff track from the album, "No More Walks in the Wood."
  • Eagles bass player Timothy B. Schmit told Songfacts this is one of his favorites to play live. "A sweet song, really, a jewel of the album," Schimt said of the track.
  • The album could have been waiting in the weeds even longer if it hadn't been for Walmart. The Eagles were their own record company at this point, which meant there was no label to impose a deadline. They took their sweet time working up 20 tracks and were still tweaking when Walmart, who had the exclusive rights to sell the album in America, pushed them to get it done so they could have it in time for the Christmas season. The band complied, delivering it as a double album that Walmart sold for $11.88. A lot of dads ended up with the CD in their stocking in 2007.

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  • Frank Manhardt from Tucson As.In reading all the comments, no one has mentioned the fact that when the chorus comes around (3times) there are completely new lyrics every time! That’s pretty much unheard of .. in almost all songs the words to the chorus remain the same .
  • Brad from Middle AmericaThis is a brilliant, beautiful song that is just as good as any of their 70s stuff. This song is right up there with The Last Resort, Desperado and Wasted Time.
  • Patrick Nz from Perth Western Australia The poetry and metaphorical magic is brought to heart-wrenching brightness by the perfectly constructed music and vocal harmonies that synchronize mirror-like with every phrase. If one fails to listen in mental 3D with eyes closed in a quiet room is missing out. The crystal pinging of the 12 string guitar; the acordian; the accentuating nylon strings, Telecaster accents; the fairground organ; and of course the piano, mandolin and pulsating drum. Don's lead is perfect as it pulls one towards that crescendo atop the ferris wheel. The elegant imagery of that ice cream melting down her pretty summer dress; the wonderful call to nature, the lunar, the anatomy, the country roads and fields in summer, the simple & unnoisy life of yesteryear; and the self depricating theme evoking humility and patience. And in the background that ever crisp voice of Timothy. Whoever thought up the words is a genius.
  • Pancho from The VillaAh, I could write for hours on this song. Who is SHE? The one he is waiting in the weeds for? It's the public, the musical audience, while the "flavor of the week" who is the "darling of the chic", the peacocks who "prance and strut upon the stage". The metaphors ooze from this gorgeous song. One of the best ever written.
  • Jim from Wyoming (the City, Not The State)I'm going to commit a sacrilege here: This is probably my favorite Eagles song, and the jewel of a strong farewell album (the title track is haunting). Henley's lyrics are very elegiac, and other than the famous exception, Steuart Smith just writes music better than Felder, and plays just as well. There's also lot of quality Tim Schmit harmony here to enjoy.
  • Paul H from Market HarboroughAlways a song where I reflect. An ex girlfriend of the time loved this album. We saw the 2007 tour and I remember sitting right next to her loving the words, the sound and what the song said to me. Months later we were no more after a tempestuous 7 years. We loved each other dearly but our own insecurities just wouldn't stop getting in the way. Roll on two years and I'd tentatively found someone else but was still very much coming to terms or grieving for what I had lost. I can remember sitting there hearing this song once again live but very different emotional circumstances this time. I was still very much living for what my heart had lost.
    Our relationship ended 4 years after it had began. All down to the fact I just could not move on from my previous relationship. The sad thing is looking back now, there isn't really a single day when I don't think about her but am sensible enough to know I will never see her again. Now it's 2020, lots of water has washed away under the bridge and I am now settled with my partner of seven years. It's not a perfect relationship but we work very well together and it's never really been subject to all those fears and insecurities I once had. I have now moved on.
    I still look back when I hear this song which is very much tied to those two relationships I had and it softens the heart for my first relationship, it makes my heart cry for the second. Two different feelings. Love can crush you and tear you apart to the point you no longer function as you should and you live with regrets. Thing is, you are what you are at any given time of your life no matter how much you wished things would have been different.
  • Jenni from TexasI've seen the Eagles 4 times live....they NEVER play this song. it's is my very favorite....incredible lyrics and beautiful haunting music. Hopefully next tour they will play it.
  • Steph from Theale, Reading England One of my favourite Eagles songs, it is played and rewound in the car all the time. I especially enjoy the harmonies towards the end of the track.
    Hoping they will include the song when they tour the UK August 2020.
  • Brian H from DallasThe piano solo near the end is just amazing ... agree, one of the best songs they have put out... its a masterpiece ...
  • Rick from Atlanta, GaEveryone always gives Don Henley all the credit for this song but we should not forget that Steuart Smith (who basically replaced Don Felder) wrote the music.
  • Ks_bittersweet from IndiaI do agree with @Rick-Atlanta GA, this particular song was co-written with Steuart Smith. I don't understand why Don Henley doesn't give credit to him. Its funny...Don sound like as if he did it all...sigh!!! I'm a big fan of Steuart Smith.
  • Rick from Atlanta, GaEveryone always gives Don Henley all the credit, but I believe I read that Steuart Smith wrote the music.
  • Mike from Stratford, CtThis song came out when a lot of amazing things were happening in my life. In addition to being (I think), the Eagles best song ever, I associate this song with that period of my life, which just adds to the whole meaning of the song.
  • Eddie from Long Beach, NyI agree with Steve from the UK. On an album of excellent songs, I think this is the best. Another Henley masterpiece. Timothy B has been quoted as saying it's his favorite on the album, and in concert Glenn Frey calls it "haunting". A wonderful song in my opinion....
  • Zita from Székesfehérvár, HungaryI have many favourite songs from the Eagles but this one is better than any other. Whenever I listen to it, I feel it grasps my heart again and again.I wish I could see them at a concert in Hungary...
  • Jennifer from K.c., MoThe Eagles have been my favorite group for a long time and I love all of their music, but this one is by far my favorite; it is beautiful and haunting and very difficult to stop listening to over and over.
  • Jeff from Reading, PaAbsolutely the best song on the new album, and one of their best songs ever. The lyrics, the music, melody all building to a climax. I could listen to this song over and over and over. It sounds like something they could have done back in the '70s.
  • Bud Miller from North Attleboro, MaThis is one of the best songs that Don Henley has written. The metaphors are earthy and elegant. The arrangement and orchestration is wonderful. I cannot stop listening to this song!
  • Elizabeth from Ithaca, NyThis song is sooo AMAZING!!! I am in love with the lyrics and the music is beautiful. I love the Eagles!!
  • Liz from Smallville, KsI enjoy this song cus of it's melody. It's so catchy
  • Roy from Sharpsburg, MdI agree. I listen to all of the song material. Music, various instruments, and words. This song is magical! Not to say that the others arent, but this one is special. What a gift all of the members of the Eagles have. At the live concert in DC, the harmony is just as good today as it was in the 70's.
  • Steve from Derry, United KingdomListened to this song when I first played the LROOE album, and I picked it out as the best track. It has really gotten under my skin over a few months and is now one of my fav tracks of all time. poignant lyrics, wonderful harmonies, beautifully progressive chord sequences - Stunning
  • Tim from Denver, CoThe song is also about hope (floating on the breeze) and determination (A small gray spider spinning in the dark, In spite of all the times the web is torn apart). I think it's one of the Eagles' better songs, right up there with "The Last Resort."
  • Jennifer from Louisville, OhThis is a brilliant song! I was mesmerized by it the first time I heard it and I have been waiting for the Eagles to come out with some more of their brilliancy. This song has it and I hope people learn to love it as much as I do.
  • Gern from Lynchburg, Williamsburg, VaMike put down your pipe. It's a continuation of this man's ability. A love song on many levels which seperates this man from all other writers... He should be remembered as such
  • Vj from Port Elizabeth, South AfricaThe range of metaphors in the song are amazing. The group is called the Eagles. Note the line - I've been biding time with the CROWS and SPARROWS while PEACOCKS prance and strut upon the stage. . . Genius work
  • Paul from Worthing, EnglandOne of the most sublime songs Henley has written, a breathtakingly beautiful work and an instant classic.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlReading that Billboard quote above it sounds like Henley might be taking a shot at disco music as well as modern music since the Long Run album didn't come out until after the disco era was starting to die down.
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