Album: That's The Way Of The World (1975)
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  • Featuring the falsetto vocals of Earth, Wind & Fire singer Philip Bailey, this popular wedding R&B ballad is actually about a one-night stand: "I'm longing to love you just for a night."

    "It's funny 'cause people say, 'We played that song at my wedding,' and I'm like, 'Did you listen to the lyrics?'" Bailey told Entertainment Weekly. "The song is talking about a one-night stand. Me and Maurice [White] were talking about the on-the-road life, what was going on at that time being young men. It's totally lust for the moment. It's a screw record."
  • The That's The Way Of The World album was originally part of a movie of the same name - a low-budget flick about the corruption of the record business starring a young Harvey Keitel. Although the movie flopped, the soundtrack effectively launched the commercial success of Earth, Wind & Fire. A live (and more popular) version of this song is on the Gratitude album, released later in 1975. >>
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  • Maurice and Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire wrote this song with Charles Stepney, who was an arranger/piano player at Chess Records when Maurice worked there as a staff drummer in the '60s. Stepney did a lot of work with Earth, Wind & Fire when the band was starting out, and he did a lot of the writing and production on the That's The Way Of The World project. Stepney had a lot of experience in a studio and helped the young group create a very refined sound. He died of a sudden heart attack in 1976.
  • "Reasons" was never released as a single, but it became one of the most popular Earth, Wind & Fire songs, played at most of their concerts.

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  • Jodinestilladiabla from Wisconsin It says I'm going to love you for just one night. Sure sounds like sexting to me.
  • Annamo Carter from SeattleDearest, Diamond, from Moreno Valley, CA: You could NOT be more wrong about what this song is about. It's about a one night stand with a groupie, and that was it. That's literally the song. It wasn't about anyone's ex, and all the insane details you threw in there, and the singer himself Philip, of EWF, will even tell you that it's not a song about love or being in love; it's about lust, and screwing a groupie for a single night. Lol
  • Diamond from Moreno Valley, CaThis song is the truest meaning of love!!!

    It's about a man who still loves his ex girl even though there are million reasons not be attracted to her, not to love her.

    They hook up for one night and it proves that his reasons for not being with her were a lie, that they mean nothing at the end of the day. He can have a million strong reasons for not being with her, but they don't stop him from being with her or still loving her; "my reasons have no pride"

    The next morning, he realizes it's more than physical attraction. He can't find the reasons why he loves her or cries for Her because there are no reasons. He should just move on but he can't. There are a million reasons to not be with her, but they mean nothing when he sees her.
    The last verse clearly proves it’s NOT a one night stand!!!

    I can't find the reasons
    That my love won't disappear
    Can't find the reasons
    Why I love you baby, my dear
    Can't find the reasons
    Wanna love you all night
    Can't find the reasons
    Gotta squeeze ya, real tight
    Can't find the reasons
    Baby, yeah, for my tears
    Can't find the reasons why I love you

    It's a song about those relationships where should move on or get over the other because they are not good for you, but you can't. So even though you are better off without them, you still love them even though there are no reasons to; it's illogical.

    A well written song. The truest meaning of love ... when we love beyond reason.
  • Sandy from Enterprise, FlHi Tom: the night we met in 1986, we danced to this song. This song says it all. I hope somewhere you remember.
  • Mark from Los Angeles, CaAwesome song, but funny that so many people use it as their wedding song when it's clearly about a man who lusts after a women and after the one-night stand is questioning why he did it. He even says: "Can't find the reasons why I love you."
  • Yes from San Diego, Casome hardcore lust going on in this song
  • Joycemorrison from Phi LUV this! such a classic. simply put: it moves my spirit in a very _alive_ way. my top fave EWF song... which i could listen on repeat.
  • James from Dayton, OhDid I not mention that many people equate Reasons as among the most romantic song, ever. However, this song is about the vagaries of living a lie.
    Earth, Wind & Fire (Philip Bailey) sings of lust not love.
  • James from Dayton, OhReasons is an interesting song in that it wasnt even a single release, yet it garnered massive airplay on both r&b and pop stations not only in 1975 when it was released, but throughout the decades since. Reasons has been on EW&F's repertoire in every EW&F tour. Needless to say, it is among the groups best ballads ever. If not for Shining Star and Thats the Way of the World being released as singles as well as Columbia Records wanting to rush release a new album ASAP, Reasons would have at least been a top 10 single on numerous charts. (Thanks, James, Dayton, Ohio)
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