Fashion Awards
by Eels

Album: Shootenanny! (2003)
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  • This song is about the VH1 Fashion Awards. Frontman E explained on the band's website: "I turned on the TV one night and the VH1 Fashion Awards were on. I watched for three minutes and wrote the song. Unfortunately the show was still on for 3 more hours. You know ... any excuse for an awards show at this point. It's the Tuesday Morning Awards! They're all so meaningless, of course. But people seem to care so much about them. When they get up there at the Oscar podium and start blubbering like a baby because it means so much for them to win- it's funny. What are they in it for? If winning means so much to them, are they going to blow their heads off when they lose?"
  • E also explains the album's title: "SHOOTENANNY! is a word I made up when I realized that it's only a matter of time before we need some MTV-style street catch phrase for 'shooting spree.' I thought I should be the one to coin the term. It's a hip, 'edgy' catch phrase for something so serious and so ugly and so likely to happen at any moment. To me it kind of sums up the times that we live in." >>
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