You're My Friend
by Eels

Album: Wonderful, Glorious (2013)


  • When Mark "E" Everett started recording Wonderful Glorious he realized what a strong band he had assembled and encouraged a more collaborative approach than usual, rather than taking complete control. That included allowing drummer Knuckles to utilize a step ladder as a percussion instrument for this track. E told The Line Of Best Fit: "I've always been open to ideas, but would often go 'that sounds terrible, let's not try it'. This time, no matter how terrible it sounded, I'd say 'OK, let's try it!' And it turns out I was wrong a lot of the time. There's a song called 'You're My Friend' with this clicking thing that comes in - that was Knuckles' idea, the drummer. He wanted to try hitting his drumsticks on a stepladder. I said, 'that sounds awful, but ok...' Of course, it's one of my favourite things about the song."


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