Album: 10,000 Towns (2014)
Charted: 79


  • This Rock-tinged cut about a girl taking charge of her life and leaving her small town life behind was written by Eli Young band members Jon Jones and James Young with Kyle Jacobs and Josh Osborne. "I feel like I've read so much recently about the girls being seen as weak in Country music in the way that they are portrayed," said Jones. "I really love this song because I call it 'a big girl power song.' All four of us are married to very strong women who allow us to go out and do what we do and we couldn't do it without them."
  • This was the last song the band recorded for 10,000 Towns. "We had a practice space in town to try to figure out what songs we wanted to do for the last session," Jones recalled to Billboard magazine. "(Producer) Justin Niebank came in and said 'Dust' - let's just go for it. I think we've got what we need on this record. Let's just unleash it, and let it be a drivin' rockin' song. I think because he gave us that freedom, it came out being very special."
  • The song was released as the second single from 10,000 Towns. "We weren't looking for it to become a single," said Jones. "We were looking for a fun song to play live."
  • This came from the desire to write a song about, yep, dust. "We wrote that at a songwriters retreat," Jon Jones told "I remember we just started with the word 'dust,' we wanted to do something with that."

    "All four of us in the band have wives who come from very small towns," he continued. "And I was thinking of my wife, who I feel was always meant to live in a big city. And she always felt that way growing up. So I just had her in my mind - it's not exactly a love song for her, but she was definitely on my mind when we wrote that song."
  • Directed by Peter Zavadil, the song's music video was filmed in Tennesee and shot on a homemade dirt track that was created especially for this project. "It's taken a massive amount of people to make this happen but it's pretty exciting," he said.


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