Goodness Gracious

Album: Halcyon Days (2013)
Charted: 16
  • This Electro, tropically-infused tune finds Goulding singing about attempting to break free from a relationship but unable to sever the ties. She penned the song with Fun frontman Nate Ruess, who also co-wrote Pink's "Just Give Me A Reason" and Kesha's "Die Young." Goulding told Coup De Main magazine about their collaboration: "In Australia we first met and we hung out loads, and it turned out we were big fans of each other's writing," she said. "Sadly, we didn't get to write the song in the same room which was a shame, but he wrote his bit and I wrote my bit and I sent it back to him to see what he thought and thank goodness he liked it, because that would have been embarrassing if he didn't."
  • The collaboration between Ruess and Goulding didn't begin too promisingly. The Fun frontman avoided the English singer in a hotel lobby, only to sheepishly email her working together hours later. "We did a tour together in Australia, the Future of Music Tour, myself, Fun., Azealia Banks and a few other artists," Goulding explained to MTV News. "He walked past me in a hotel lobby, and then e-mailed me and was like 'I just walked past you and was too shy to say hello.' And I was like 'I was too shy too!'"

    "And then we hung out and instantly hit it off. I think he's an amazing songwriter, and I love the way he writes lyrics. We went running and then we decided we wanted to write together," she continued. "We realized we had very similar taste in music, and we just wanted to do something, we didn't care what it was."
  • Goulding told Rolling Stone about this ode to fickleness. "I've been in situations where I knew someone wasn't right for me, yet I kept bringing them back," she said "The song is about dissing yourself for not thinking straight and not being fair."


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