King's Crossing

Album: From A Basement On The Hill (2004)
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  • This song deals with Elliott Smith's addiction to heroin, and how using the drug became the only thing he wanted to do. >>
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    Mark - Mission Hills, KS
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  • Chonginstrong from The North.Elliott was a smack addict long before 1999, have you listened to his lyrics? It's all in there, his whole life, depression and addiction social anxiety, his lyrics was his life, because he took his own insides out, and gave them to us in beautiful songs, reason why it left him empty and destroyed, a beautiful tortured soul.
  • Patrick C. from Norfolk, VaThe song was first played live, with lyrics nearly identical to the album version, on October 14, 1999 at Satyricon in Portland, OR. I have the audio recording. You can find the set list on the sweetadeline website. I have no idea why Jamie or Chris would claim I'm wrong when they've clearly done no research, while I specifically researched the first known live recordings of every Elliott Smith song while helping out on the creation of the posthumous NEW MOON album.
  • Chris from Dallas, TxI'm !00% sure Patrick C. is wrong. If this supposedly predated his heroin addiction then he had a very intimate knowledge of being a heroin addict. For one thing, saying "inject my ex-wife" is a common phrase among ex-junkies (I am one myself). The phrase "A rich white lady" also refers to heroin. In my opinion, saying "give me one good reason not to do it" would be in reference to a relapse and not suicide. Elliott was unfortunately a heroin addict among other drugs, and alot of the songs from "A Basement on the Hill" were about addiction...Listen to "A Fond Farewell", if you've ever been a heroin addict , this song will speak to you.
  • Crazyj from London, United KingdomThe song is very specifically about shooting up, so if it wasn't about heroin it was about crack. "Its christmas time and the needles on the tree, a skinny santa is bringing something to me. His voice is overwhelmind, his speech is slurred, i can only understand everyother word..."
  • Jamie Bhoohe from Canada, OnPatrick C, I doubt that he first played the CD version on 14 October 1999, since it wasn't recorded on any of the albums before,then or the albums after that day, it was released on basement on a hill after he died, which means he recorded it near the end of his life, and there is an alternate version of kings crossing that was played live, but it had different lyrics chords etc. also, he was in the studio working recording that song the year he died within. anyway, I really like his music and philosophy. RIP Elliott Smith.
  • Patrick from Raleigh, NcWhen he performed this song live, after he sings the line "Give me one good reason not to do it". His sister and girlfriend who were in the audience would yell out "Because We Love you". I believe this is also on the recorded version of the song, audible, but it is low in the mix.
  • Patrick C. from Norfolk, VaBoth Mark's songfact and Isabel's comment are incorrect. The song was first played live on October 14, 1999 (predating Elliott's heroin addiction). The lyrics on the studio version are nearly identical to that version.
  • Isabel from Miami, Flthe lines "Give me one good reason not to do it" is said to be a threat of suicide, and ive heard that the day after he recorded this song was when he killed himself.

    i still love this song.
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